You said I’d never make it

But look where I’m at now

You said I couldn’t take it

But look what I’m dishing out

I’m feeling invincible

After surviving the tsunami of torment

And I’m standing taller now that I surfed the waves of hate

All the times you spat upon me when I was falling

And all the times you never acknowledged me when I was calling



Begging for help from one who was standing

I would be making progress

But you didn’t even notice

And when I fell six feet under you would dance on my grave


I no longer care

I have passed the crossroad of dependency

I am no longer looking to you for help

I am no longer giving you my time

I am no longer letting you strip away my very life

I am no longer letting you tell me how my life will be,

But instead,

Role reversal

I am going to be shoving down your throat all that you wanted me to be

I will tell you how it will happen

And soon you will see

How you treated me

And all the other slaves you chained

You chained us all with our greatest strength

But we quickly established it to be our greatest enemy

I couldn’t overcome it

The chains embedded themselves into my flesh

Forcing me to live with it and I dare not to rip it out

Because as soon I shall

Lord knows I would’ve endured hell

At one time you protected me from danger

And at one time I trusted you

At one time I loved you and cherished every moment spent with you

I never thought of the day when I would despise you

Abhor you with all my being

Wish for the day that I could dance on your grave

Longing for the time when you fall and I laugh in your face

Some call it spite

Some call it karma

I call it the circle of life

And you’ve had it coming for a while

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