Light like a feather

Floating on the river of life

I’m in love with these butterflies I get when I am with you

When they crop up all I can do is set them free

Holding them captive would be such a tragedy


It’s obvious that you’re the better half of me

Although you, love, have my whole heart

I’m superhuman when were together

To deny me of you would be such a travesty


When the sun rises I see the ray’s brightness

It reminds me of the lightness in your heart

And as the sun sets and the dusk is formed

You are my moon, you shine in the dark


You’re such a beautiful constellation

You’re a legion of stars

An array of vivid colors

In the galaxy of my heart


This high I have

This irreplaceable happiness portrayed

It exemplifies the spirit I have with you by my side

And the joy embraces my soul as we sit alone tonight


In love…


This poem was a collaboration with my friend Xavier over at https://thevoicelessheart.wordpress.com/
He has some AMAZING poems. Beautifully written love poetry! Please follow him you won’t regret it! And I highly recommend it 😉

Shallow Ending


An ocean of emotion

My openness is closing

For my soul is barely floating

And I’m taking in water

Drowning in sorrow

Thinking of a bitter tomorrow

But my thoughts are causing more suffocating

And the pain is intoxicating

I hoped I would be liberated

But I’m trapped in bondage

I’ve searched for understanding

But I’m trapped in non-sense

Overwhelming non-sense that is like quick sand

If I panic I sink- I need to relax and think

Why am I allowing this to torment me

When I could be thinking positive thoughts to better me?

But instead

The ice-cold sea weed

Creates beautiful calligraphy

Spelling out death for me

There’s no more air

I’m in despair

Cant find help anywhere

Is this the end?

Have I signed my death sentence?

And in my last attempt to understand

My lungs collapse

And I perish.

This poem was a collaboration with one of my good friends over at https://thevoicelessheart.wordpress.com/ please!!! Follow him! He has some very inspiring and beautiful stuff. (The italicized words are his)

The Slumber That Never Was

We never sleep.
Sleep is for the weak.
We will never rest until we take our final breath.
The way we function has become blurred and bleak.
But instead of running this course, we crept.
We lazied around and acted like fools.
Wasted time that slipped through our fingers.
Taking advantage of the resourceful tools.
Fall and allowing our plans to linger.

The plans of today we say can wait
We put off till tomorrow what could be a mistake.
If only we knew the value of time.
And the value of lives.
They can’t be brought back.
Our life’s off track
Focusing on the here and now
The carnal desires of the human heart
The head encrypted with vulgar, profane, thinking.
Instead of things eternal
What may be infernal- never considered.
Temporary pleasures are always the winner.
You stereotypical sinner!
Don’t be ignorant!
Naive to what’s important…
This is a wakeup call.
Meditate on things sempiternal.
Things that actually matter.
The ignorance that blankets this world, the result?-disaster.
We think “life is long enough” and ” when it’s done it’s done”
But this ludicrous thinking makes us believe in the slumber that never was.