Space and Time


Lost in space
Lost in time
Both infinite
Both endless
But they reach a point of sudden death
Space can only reach as far as the eye can see
And time can only last as long as the mind believes
Space and time
They encourage me to press on
I don’t want to be another dust blown into eternity
I don’t want space and time to cease and i wonder
“What happened?”
“Where am i now?”
“what is this burning feeling i have in my chest?
“Why do i hurt and feel overcome be death?”
Will confusion always conquer my mind?
Or will i at some point connect the dots to form lines
And understand that it was God all the time
He was the One who made me a path
Perfectly designed
Right in line
With my own desires that i have yet to comprehend
God knows me better than i know myself
And with his hand guiding and protecting me,
I know that i will live happy
I know that my own carnal desires will lead to destruction
So why do i chose that road leading to Hell’s pit of nothing?
I need discretion.
I need more of a perception
From God’s holy standpoint
From God’s holy plan for my life
But with space and time
Competing with my mind
How will i survive my own thoughts?
I battle myself
Constantly at war with myself
When will time stop being an issue for me
And when will space stop mesmerizing me
Stealing my focus from things heavenly
Space and time
If I’m not careful they will become my greatest demise




When I stumbled and I fell
Down the road
On the rocks below
The gravel cut my feet
The bushes scraped my knees
My arms flew I the air
As if to say I give up!
I shan’t fight any longer
I can’t!
I am dead already…
I have no stamina to hold my own two legs up
But you saw the tears in my eyes form
You hears the desperation in my voice for a savior
A plea for hope
A beg for love to be shown
And you gave it.
You picked me up
You are my life and I can’t live without you
You save my heart from fear
Comfort is what you bestow upon me
I feel safe when your hands are there to pick me up
To pull me the right direction
To guide me along a path  that’s been broken
But fear often pulls my heart strings
Fear too often controls my being
I think deeply and fear gets in the mix
Fear and worry are my worst enemies
But looking up
I know there is One who loves me
Who would never allow trials to ruin me
God above will only allow what I can handle
He knows what i am capable of
And He knows that in time i will be stronger
That is if i trust in Him
Only when i rely on his foundation
Lean on the Rock of ages
Walk on the water of faith he leads me to
And i know that i will stay up
Only if i trust in God above.