The Cure

alive and well is the beast in this land

this cursed land, in which we dwell.

ignorance is bliss, we say

but the knowledge of such danger is necessity.


preying and feasting

on all the living and breathing,

no matter what

we hold ourselves accountable.


when we face the beast and lose all our strength

“where is the hand?” we say,

when things don’t go our way.

when trials come,

desperation seeks

for the risen help our souls need.

but shall it grant the favor?

bestow grace on the ungrateful fakes?

God help us.

lord have mercy on us

for asking in time of need,

but giving a blind eye,

turning the cold shoulder

when life is just fine…

we all deserve the worst.

hell at its finest is all too good for me.

i deserve the bottom of the pit

even when it cant be reached.

i should go there.

dwell there.


i deserve the worst.

but then came the blood!

thicker than any other!

stronger than any antidote!

the Cure.

the thing that saves…


the desperate and wicked,

this cure is the salvation of the beast

and his venom.

the poison it injects in each and every victim…

but i wont be that victim any longer!


for the blood that was spilt offered me more than a death sentence!

but a life sentence!

to freedom in eternal love,

and hope,

peace and joy.


the one thing that the beast is vulnerable,

the Blood

the Cure.


The Sea

i awoke again

to the smell of salt and fresh air

the faint odor of sea weed

itching on the surface of the sand

ever so slightly the smell of fish

from the catch of the fishermen

each grain and particle of rock under my body

my sun-baked body

absorbing the rays of the sun

the sight of the billows that roll

from the oceans breeze

the off-white sea foam


back and forth

back and forth

the notion of the miniature waves…

never ending

coming and going

the rise and decline of the sea’s tide

climbing the beach until riding high

pushing children further in to land

sand buckets and sand castles covered

never to be seen again.

the sea


consuming everything

i hear the call of the seagull

the patter of the crabs scatter

and of course the chatter

of the hotel guests,

the tourists

running through the walkways

down the wooden planks

skipping playfully, kicking sand behind them

blown up

from being tossed by their feet

they call one to another

lovers walk hand in hand

imprints left in the wet sand

fading with each wave

swimmers take further out

flowing parallel with the land

with the rip current

the ocassional spray of the salty water

burning the eyes

and the sun staying strong…

draining the energy of the many beach goers


but calming

my home, the beach

where i stay


morning, noon, and night…


When I Found Faith


It was until I found you

That I couldn’t sleep

It was until I comprehended the faith

That I didn’t believe in peace

I never knew that satisfaction

Could come so easy

By just believing

Having faith in things unseen

God holds me

He provides me with warmth through the night

And those nightmares that became so prevalent

Are now an uncommon plight


I no longer suffer

For I have a peace from my Supplier
Trapped inside my own fears
Chained down by my own doubts
I was miserable
I was lost
I was broken and hurt constantly
But i understand now
I was missing my faith in You
For an insecure person i am
Insecure and fearful
But now that i found the faith
I have an assurance and security I’ve needed my whole life



The comfort I find in you, Lord, is unfathomable
The protection you provide cannot be broken
The love you show is unimaginable
And is proven by the words you have spoken.
How can I forget that you are a shield for me?
How can I forget that you lift my head?
How can I lessen the fact that the air I breathe
Is, in fact, the reason I am not dead?
But, I am alive and well
I am encouraged to be all I can be for you
In you is where I wish to dwell
And I hope my actions exemplify I do
For I in you
And You in me
Just us two
Make it be
An ever lasting joy
That others desire
May I employ
The strength you give me, to not tire
You take me higher
Than I have ever been
Released my anger
And sealed my sin
When insomnia takes over
And restlessness creeps into my life
I have recently discovered
You kill those bothersome thoughts and comfort me at night.


Have you ever sat in silence
So quiet
That you could hear the dust settle?
The definition of peace
Isn’t complete silence
In fact
It’s the opposite
Peace is knowing you’re not alone
I know I’m not at peace
And not truly happy
Unless I know I have someone to turn to
And I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say this but…
A friend to talk to
A lover to love you
A mother to hug you
Peace isn’t seclusion
Don’t believe that delusion
The conclusion?
Noise is detrimental to live a peaceful life.

Taken By Force

Going through life not knowing the danger
Hidden onside myself; it keeps me awake at night.
Not knowing what’s next, if faith even matters,
And if I will live much longer. I have lost my sight.
My sight of hope and a cure for this cancer
I wonder “why me!??” I need an answer!
This thing engulfs me, I feel taken by force,
So why allow the devil have victory over me, Lord?
I put a smile on my face
And tell others I’m fine.
I know, dear Grace,
That I’ll be alright,
And even tho everyone has a time,
I am no where near ready to die.
So Lord, take me by force
And give me eternal peace tonight…