Why I Write

So you wonder why I write?
Well I will tell you all about it tonight.
I will tell you
Why I have a blog for poetry
And why I write it on paper before typing
I will tell you why every poem I have I post
And alongside that I will explain what party I will host
You will hear that my favorite app is called WordPress
Easy and quick to upload my rhymes from my creativeness
You will learn why I play my guitar everyday
And why Call Of Duty is one of my favorite games to play
Why potatoes make me sick
And why I can easily get carsick
Potatoes and peas alone will make me want throw up
But mix them together and I’m guaranteed to upchuck.
Just some random stuff about me I will tell you tonight
And when I’m through speaking you will find out why I write.

The Chicken’s Cry


hunt, heat, stray (interactive poetry)

The Chicken’s Cry

Before i can run away you hunt me down
catch me and drag me around
snap my neck and chop me up
throw me in soup and eat my guts
the heat you use to melt off my feathers
i can gobble and gobble but it will never matter
because i will just be another chicken
fried, boiled, baked, or grilled
im treated like a stray cat
no one cares where my heart is at
i just want to see my chics hatch
but noooo
instead, i will served on a plate in your lap.

how do you like your chicken? i personally like it fried XD