The Perfect Wife



The Voiceless Heart

It’s a cold-blooded weapon

Implosive thoughts

Self-mutilation of my thoughts

There is no color

When it’s always dark in here

And as my cold glare

Faces my fears

The depressing assailants


Seem to seek placement in my psyche

Attack me

And pain spreads through my chest

Like wildfire

And I’m defenseless

Begging for someone to pay the penance

That frees me from a painful purgatory

Worst than any American Horror Story

Freddie Krueger couldn’t be this gory

Mental deconstruction tells its story

And on these stormy banks

I attempt my slumber

My thoughts? Or thunder?

It’s no wonder I keep going under

Pain grimaces on the face of my

Pursuit of happiness

The audacity in clapping is

I’m pouring out impassionate

Poetic prayers precisely preceding

The emotional banishment

That seems to riddle me with a physical pain

Oh, boy, what an ailment!

How can I

Dark as ivory


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Drown In It

This is beautifully written… ! follow this amazing poet, he is amazing!!!

The Voiceless Heart

I fully intend


expel so much love

that there’s an ocean of it

so vast

so deep

that you’ll never find the bottom of it

reaching so far into the sky

that you’ll never reach the top of it

there’s no more air for you

I want you to breathe it in

fill your nasal passages

fill your lungs with a fluid

only intending to help it expand

slowly pulling you under

as gentle as it can

and love

as gentle as I can

I want your love force

to take life-form

as our romance is born

creating tropical storms


will decimate our island

but that’s okay

because the way


I intend to recklessly love you

I expect there

to be

no survivors

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Shrugging My Shoulders 

Words cannot even begin to describe how I feel about this. So beautiful and the emotion is amazing. I love this so much. Follow this guy, he will NOT disappoint.

The Voiceless Heart

I’m amazed that we used to be in love

I couldn’t breathe under the pressure of your kisses

I suffocated under the power of your hugs

We cuddled up so close we created a vacuum

You know my deepest darkest secrets

And I know yours

You know what makes me tick

And what makes me melt

You woke up to poetic texts

X’s and O’s

I bought you flowers

I mailed you simple notes

I just find it amazing

That you and I were in love once

And now we exist

As if we never met

And I’m just shrugging my shoulders


That’s life sometimes

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Glitter or the Gloom?

This is beautifully written. Follow this guy for beautifully written poetry!


I have the gloomy clouds of rain on my right palm
and glittering grains of sand on my left; which one
would you rather hold if I want to be your friend?
Either it’s the glitter or the gloom, you cannot
have them both in yours, I should remind you again,
for in between lies my trunk, as vast as the world!

While you are wondering, let me give you some hints –
what I have on my right can drown you in a flash,
while the left one will take some days or even weeks
to drain and vaporize the moisture out from you;
as gifts I have wells of oil if you go north and
a rainforest, wild if you prefer the south one.

So which is it, glitter or the gloom, please decide,
I’ll let your grandson judge, if you were wrong or right!



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Beautiful! Follow this guy!

The Voiceless Heart

I hope you can feel me.

I hope you can feel every attempt to take you from the future

I hope you feel every time I whisper to you across the globe

I hope you can feel the love I send

Or the attempts to hug your soul

I hope you can feel my smile

And then my kiss on your cheek

I hope you can feel my hands

Pulling you closer to me

I hope you can feel the ring

I will one day place on your hand

Or the days we’ll be on the beach alone

With toes in the sand

I hope you feel my wrinkled skin

Aged from growing old

I hope you feel this heart of mine

One day you’ll call it home

I hope that you can feel these things

For one day, they’ll be true

Because love I know you’re reaching for me

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