Ghosts of Rain

Vacancy in Mind

There are storms inside people we will never see,
People with faces the color of rain and insipid dew.
We all find sorrow in ourselves.
Never quite sure if it’s the air that’s killing us,
Or the love we surround ourselves with.

One day we will find ourselves wondering
Why the air tastes like salt just before daylight
Or why the ocean has a voice.
We’ll see faces of strangers in constellations,
And not know why they look so familiar

It’s because we have been here before,
And these are lives we’re forced to live
Over and over again,
Until being alive becomes waves of verbatim

That’s why we fall for people who taste like poison
We call it love: to find someone more damaged than we are,
To steal the scars from skin and wear them as our own
Because the pain makes us feel like we’re living.

In the…

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He is the most manly of the men
The most gentle and loving
Compassionate and caring
He passionately kisses my cheek
And he holds my hand and never let’s go
We cuddle and watch the TV
And we share the same seat
He is the first and last thing on my mind everyday
And I am constantly finding myself wanting to say
I love you,
Very much.
More than myself
I would give up anything for you
And I would lose everything to prove that to you
The way you look at me with that smile that leaves me breathless
The way you speak to me makes my thoughts stall
I forget things when you are around
Because my attention is all on you
You make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world
And even tho that is so cliche it is the truth
You are the guy of every girls dreams
You are held so high in my mind no man can compare to you
I cannot see myself with anyone other than you
For I would sell myself short of true happiness
Because baby,
You make me happy
You are my dream
Not a car
Not a house
Not a bunch of money
But you.
You really do make me complete
You make me think
That what Disney wants kids to believe
Is true
Dreams do come true
I am Cinderella and you are my Prince Charming
You sweep me off my feet
And you are everything I want a man to be
Are in every way to me…