So you’ve had some rough times

So you’ve broken some bones and made some scars

Haven’t we all?

Some more than others

But ultimately it’s all the same

One may have more mistakes than another

But the other may have made a mistake that in their mind

Is the greatest mistake of all time

But really it’s not

Mistakes and mishaps are all equal in the Fathers eyes

Because he took the blow of all of our mistakes and he paid the ultimate price

He took the hit so that we could be free

So that we could let go and let God kill misery

But yet we still find ourselves in this prison called depression

We still find ourselves living in sorrow and pain because of things in the past

Nothing haunts a soul more than the past

And ever since that mistake you made your depression has progressed

Because it is something that can’t be given back

That funeral that you missed

That affair you had

That person you fell in love with

That tongue you used to back stab

That mind you used in a terrible way

Those feet you used to take you to a bad place

Those hands you used to turn thoughts into actions

Those eyes you used when you saw the reaction

Of the ones you loved hurt

They cried because of your dirt

You let them down

You tore them apart

Killed them inside

And watched them cry

But there was nothing you could do

You made the decision and didn’t think it through

If only you knew hindsight what would happen

You would have never even crossed that fence

You would’ve stayed in your small corner of happiness that lasted for only a short while

For when you grew older you began to taste independence

And you felt like you could handle it

Being on your own

Making decisions and being an adult


Now you know

That being and adult is more than just making decisions and being ‘’free’’

You know now that being an adult is everything but free

You are held to a higher standard that is almost impossible to reach

People tell you can do this

You will get through it

But you beat yourself up and ignore their words of encouragement

You choose to stay in this holding cell that has you trapped

You are overwhelmed by the pain you hold inside

Like a piece of you is missing

You feel swamped with this burden that won’t leave your shoulders

Don’t let this control you anymore!

You have much more things to be thankful for

Than to be sullen and broken

Exemplifying your life has been stolen

By the devil himself

He has brought the memories back

Because he wants you to be upset

He doesn’t want you to move on

He wants you to back step

And relive your past

He gets a kick out of it

And you are letting him win!

Don’t let him have his way

Don’t let him tell you it’s not ok

And that it’s too late to resuscitate

Hand in hand I will help you through

I will drag you out of this hell pit you were thrown into


Know that you have your whole life in front of you

The time you are using now

To be empty inside

You could be using to better yourself

To further yourself and build yourself back up

You are not alone in this fight

I am here for you

And I’m not the only one

There are many others that also love you

And it doesn’t matter what things you do

We will forgive you

And we will still love you

And we will never give up on you

You can do this

You WILL get through it

And no matter how many times life throws things your way to bring you down

You will in the end wear the crown

This fight seems to be a losing battle

But the war isn’t over until your last breath

And when you collapse from exhaustion from the brutal beatings reality gives you

You will have a hand there waiting for you

So reach for it

Don’t doubt the strength in it

Because that hand isn’t the one who is fallen and can’t get up

That hand is your chance to get back up

But one day that hand will need someone to pick them up

Because everyone makes mistakes and needs help along the way

Will you be there when that hand needs you?

Or will you still be on the ground heaving

Don’t let this mistake get to you

Because one day

You will be needed to help someone who is going what you are going through

8 thoughts on “Mistake

  1. Thank you very much. And I am so glad to hear that! That is my main purpose in posting my writings. I wish to help others and maybe inspire them.


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