You Already Knew


So what is it?
Have I lost my vocabulary?
Do I not know how to write what I can’t express verbally?
It seems I’ve lost it.
I feel I have forgot it.
And when I think those thoughts,
I turn myself in a rage. I can’t stop!
Not now. I’ve come so far
Made so much progress,
to stop now would be disastrous
is there anything left to say?
No, not really,
we’ve gone our own ways
And I can try to mend what you tore apart
But all it would do is keep a friendship of falsity
I don’t thrive off of fake
I don’t hesitate to make,
my point.
You want the truth and you got it!
Ask it.
You bought it.
And here I am walking away with money that you gave up,
For something you already knew.