How Can I?


The Lord is my rock solid foundation that i can place my trust in
He will never fail to support me and keep me above the waters
I will never sink if i sail the waves on his freely bestowed rock
The lord is my fortress
He is my safetower from all the waves of life that crash upon me and try to drown me
He keeps me above lower grounds
He seals out the evil that tries to climb the walls of the safe haven he has provided me
The lord is my deliverer
No matter what the trial
He will always be my hero
Saving me from destruction and delivering me from evil
Giving me
The strength to keep on and never give up
The Lord is my strength
He provides me with the spiritual, physical, and mental endurance to make it through each and every day
I will trust in my God
I have to
If i cant learn to place my trust in him
How shall i be truly happy?
How can i be comforted by Him, the Comforter?
The Lord is my Buckler
Keeping me safe from falling off the cliff from my foolish decisions
He places me on the Hightower
To see over my path He made for me
And helps me to understand His will for my life
And His way is best
For true happiness
How can i ignore this?

Such A Love As This


Just a reminder
Of my devotion
To the one i love
The man i love
The man of my dreams
I am yours forever
And forever shall we be
I couldn’t ask for more in a friend
A lover
A husband
A love like what you bestow upon me
Is hardly something i can grasp
Much less hold
A love like this is so fragile
But yet so strong
So tender
But yet so hard
So big
But yet so small
Because not everyone has the opportunity to find such a love as this
It is so fragile in that it can be broken easy
Words can erase any good memories
Broken hearts cone from words that cut deep
That’s what makes love so fragile to keep
Its so strong our love is
That nothing can break it
Nothing can mistake this indestructible love we have
Its supernatural
For God is on our side
Its so tender
That a simple word can destroy it
A simple cut through the heart will break what was once molded
But so hard
That nothing can harm it
For if its true it cant be tampered
Our love is so big
That its next to impossible to hide
I see it in your eyes
And its no disguise that it is true
But yet…
So small…
Because it must stay under wraps.
U til the time comes when all around will collapse
And we shout to the world
Such a love
As this.

Your Work


I read and ponder your words of wisdom
And many a time still lack understanding
Of such simple proverbs
Sharp words
That should cut through any confusion
I strive to wrap my hands and feet
With the words of your Work
Your Word
Your power can be brief
But when i read it covers me for a period of time
If i let it
If i consider allowing it to hover in my mind
I strive to daily look to You
And i strive to daily listen from You
Life gets in the way
I need to just slow down
I need to relinquish my addictions
And i need to unwound
For when i let your guidance in my heart
I see the lies and foolishness about me
Help me see
What i can be
For without a vision i am blind to what you desire of me
Your Word has the ability
But i just have to use it
Force myself to keep it and treasure it
I desire to treasure your Work.
Help me to do that which you want of me.

Waste Of Time


By the power of your tongue
You managed to control me
You managed to move me in ways i forbade myself to ever do again
You made me say things i never thought of
You made me think things i never would’ve
Why did i ever give it any thought?
My body!
My rights!
No one should control my actions!
No one who truly loves me would force anything upon me!
And in the end hurt me!?!
How dare you!
How could you!
A human being can be so vicious
Used of an evil force to take someone’s innocence
Abuse their ignorance
Making them believe the lie
That love ever existed
Making them think that they had found it
The one
The truth
But no
You lied
And i died
So many times
To just move on
But you took my heart
Ran with it
And then burnt it and scorched it!
You stabbed me so hard
So deep
So quick
I hardly believed it
The surreal reality that was left for me
By you!
You coward!
You walk away
That’s what you think
Your time will come when you suffer from your evil mistake
But it was no mistake that you left
God knew what he doing when he allowed Satan to control your breath
When Satan gave you those lovely words to use on me
I was demented to believe a word you said to me
To believe that you truly cared about me
All those times that people were encouraging me?
I realize now that those weren’t their words
But rather the devil’s words to entrap me
To enslave my trust to you
To trust that you truly felt what you said
But no
You lied
The devil will rot in hell because of his lies
He believed the lie that he was greater than God
Well you will rot in a hell of regret
For what you did to me
And it will twist the knife in your heart as you cry and beg for mercy of your own misery
You will be tormented by your own guilty conscience
While i live in happiness
Because i found true love
I found what i needed for my life
And looking back i cant believe what i thought was real was nothing at all but a waste of time.

Love’s New Beginning


I was left for dead
Thrown to the wolves
Devoured the thrown up
Spit out
Tossed about
And confused
And betrayed
I was slayed
By my own sword
My own words
Turned against me
I am my own worst enemy
My heart is supposed to keep me alive
But instead it kills me slowly
It falls so hard
Plunging in deep waters called love
It drowns in a sea of despair
I gasp for air
I beg for oxygen
I swim so deep
But expect to reach the surface
I need this tonic
But i am left in a panic
Searching for a way out
Looking for exit signs
I beseech God for a cure for this sickness I have
This need for love
That’s the last thing i need at this moment
I need protection
From my heart
It’s so week
But yet its so strong
It feels for so long
And its beatings upon me are so hard
I need an escape from it
At least
That’s what i thought
I was hurt so bad for so long I wished to just stop
Stop falling in love
Stop being there for anyone
Stop trying for anyone
Stop anything for even one
I was done
Tired of all the pain and suffering
Sick of the sickness called depression from being lonely
A waste i was ready to be
For i felt wasted because the drug of love left me in the gutters of the streets
But then i met you
You flipped my whole world around
You changed my heart and opened my eyes
Lifted me off the ground
Brought me back to life
Told me everything’s alright
I can and will prevail
Because you would be there by my side
You said that you truly loved me
You told me that i was the only
Made me feel wanted
And special
No longer let me feel lonely
For i know now I’m not alone
And i have a journey to complete
And that anytime i might fall down you would be my feet
Never to give up
Never to surrender
To what life may throw my way
You are my sunshine and the light
That brightens every day…
I can now say
That love is no longer a curse
No longer my enemy
Its has healed all my hurt
Love’s a New beginning
When at one time it was my end
Thanks to you
My life isn’t through
And i will be there for you
Til the very end.

Prayer of Forgiveness



God allows loneliness in our lives

For us to see He has been there the whole time

He never left us

He never forgot us

But we did Him

We left Him

We forgot Him

We ignored Him

And when we lose what we left Him for

We see what terrible wretches we were

We ask for forgiveness and hope to get a peace

And when it doesn’t happen we are ready to give up

But that’s the last thing we should do

Because the loneliness we feel

Is only a small percent of what Jesus went through

For God turned his back on Him

Because he held our sin

So why do we expect God to look upon us when we left Him for sinful men?

But God’s grace allows us this prayer of forgiveness

This attempt

To repent

To turn back to Him

But we never make it permanent

When I Found Faith


It was until I found you

That I couldn’t sleep

It was until I comprehended the faith

That I didn’t believe in peace

I never knew that satisfaction

Could come so easy

By just believing

Having faith in things unseen

God holds me

He provides me with warmth through the night

And those nightmares that became so prevalent

Are now an uncommon plight


I no longer suffer

For I have a peace from my Supplier
Trapped inside my own fears
Chained down by my own doubts
I was miserable
I was lost
I was broken and hurt constantly
But i understand now
I was missing my faith in You
For an insecure person i am
Insecure and fearful
But now that i found the faith
I have an assurance and security I’ve needed my whole life