Holding me back does nothing but push me away
Let go
Wake up
I am not your puppet
I am not your dummy to control
Let go
Give up
I will not powerlessly follow your command
I will not effortlessly do what you demand
You are dead to me
You are nothing, you see
Just a figment of my heart
An illusion of my mind
I no longer think of you
You caused me to be blind
Of what I should be focussed on
Where my priorities should be
So I should never see you again
Not for the rest of eternity
Find another host to leech on to
You have sucked enough out of me
You made me doubt myself
You made me cry
You made me want to die
You made my life terrible
And if I could do it all over again
I would have exterminated you long ago
Because I didn’t see the scars you would leave on me
I didn’t see the pain you would inflict upon me
And I didn’t believe others when they told me about you
They exposed your true self but I refused to believe it
And now I regret it
And now you will die for it
I know you now
And I will make you drown
Along with all you made of me
Everything you did to me
Goodbye insecurity.
I am free from you
I am no longer afraid to say
I am beautiful
Screw those who do not think so
They are blind
Everyone is beautiful
And may God damn you for making them believe that there is such thing as an ugly creature.

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