Missing Pieces (Original)

This is a love song for the love of my life 🙂 Please comment, share, and enjoy!! Here it is 🙂



How is it that it controls my being?
Why is it that I can’t survive a day without it?
Why is it so much a part of me?
Like it’s my heartbeat
A required part for my breathing
I dread the days it leaves me
Gasping for air
It is my drug
If it dissipates
Withdrawals run through my veins
It’s in my blood
It is a part of my soul
It is me
It completes me and makes me whole
It soothes my anger
It calms me in disaster
It takes me away when I don’t want to live any longer
It pumps me up when times are rough and I need a boost
What would I do?
Without this addiction?
My mood may never be soothed,
From the ruffles
And struggles
That form over time
That come into my life
When I am overcome with the nostalgia of the past
Things I don’t want to remember that can’t be taken back
Things that I wish never crossed my mind
And things that I know will fade over time
But I can’t help but relinquish the fact it can’t be taken back
And that regret and pain is where it’s at
That’s where the struggles are
It’s from those things that I have my scars
And even though I am bound by chains of penance
This thing
This addiction
Cures it
It makes me forget why I relent it
But it is a temporary heal
It only last for a few minutes
So the need for more and more of this drug
Has become more and more a necessity
I can’t stop now
It is a part of me
And I wish that others can see
That I am not crazy
And this thing isn’t a monste
It is something that I am attached to
Like a bear cub and its mother
When predators attack and that cub is hurt
That mother comes and violently kills all the perverts
That spit at the cub
And give their hate speech
Leaving that cub to fall on its back
Losing a grip of the earth under its feet
When will it end?
All the torment
When will I live again?
Without having to shoot this drug into my body
When will I breathe again?
Without a cord running into me
When will I begin to be happy? When?
Today is gone and over with?
No. I am too addicted
Next week?
Next month?
Next year?
Because that drug is what keeps me alive

What If


What if?

Don’t let someone determine the outcome of your life. Life knocks you down? You just get back up and move forward… A man once said, “Well what if that someone that knocked you down was the only thing you knew? And the only thing you knew wasn’t there to help you back up to your feet? Now your a changed person and it’s not a good change. Your heart is set to stone and the only place you know as home is the floor you sleep on at night. You feel like it’s the closes thing you have because your body is close to the floor.” Well where’s the man that told you life is going to knock you down, where is he now? Is he helping you back to your feet is he helping you move forward in your life. No he’s not. And sometimes the only faith you have and the only faith you believe in will leave you….. But what if this is a test? What if the man that told you “when life knocks you down to get back up”, hasn’t left your side and hasn’t forgot about you. What if, he’s seeing if your strong enough to go though the test that life gives you, even tho his people broke you down and made you feel like a misfit in this big world we call home?  What if? -by Brendan Fitzsimmons

This is one of my very best friends writing. He inspires me all the time and I hope this inspires you. He has a YouTube channel also. Subscribe to him! https://youtu.be/i-7c43cVFWQ


There is freedom in music.
Music is an escape.
The cadence to the ears that gives one peace,
Like a drug – for therapy.
Six strings strummed,
And a melodic hum,
Work as a blanket on a cold day,
Warming the soul in a magical way.

There is freedom in poetry.
Another way of escape is by writing.
Anything from love to hate,
Regret and sorrowful remembrance,
To happiness and forgiveness.
The topics are endless.
The only limit is creativeness.

There is freedom in sleep.
An escape when one is weak.
(Exhaustion from the world)
The brutal reality, that stabs us when we aren’t looking.
Things too real are my enemy;
So I cherish what is fake,
Because the truth is hard to follow.
My throat closes up before the pill can be swallowed,
But my eyes and my ears,
They pry my mouth open
And force the proof down my throat,
As if it were a garbage disposal.
I gag hoping to throw up
The poison shoved in to my gut.
Yes. The poison is truth.
And the truth is like poison.
This is why we run from it.
Making excuses of it and hiding it.
The truth exposes insecurities;
The truth exposes reality.
Reality is what we hate to see.
This is why we stay submerged in all things technology.
But what we fail to realize is It’s the poison.
technology is the deadly tool we think is freedom.
Oh yeah. Well it is freedom.
Freedom full of lies –
A tool of the Prince to be a disguise;
To blind our eyes from the truth beyond the sky.
We are too caught up in things we carry around.
How about we look around
To see what can be done
To see what we’ve become.
A generation caught up in pleasure
Not focused on pleasing the maker…

There is freedom in truth
Its true that we all want proof
But is portraying lies what we really want to do?
Living a lie is unnecessary
For lies are told everyday
We see it on TV
and by the words we say.
We wonder when will it stop?
It will never stop.
Not until the end has begun
And the lies will be proven wrong
And truth will overcome.

There is freedom in expectation;
Anticipating the coming;
Hoping and longing
For the coming of the King.
There is freedom in the salvation He brings.