“I got that good numbing pain, my dear,
Its called a kiss
Of love and passion”

When something hits you so good you fall so hard but yet feel nothing
You just float back up on the sky
Gravity ceases to exist
And you rise above the clouds
You are numb to everything
But yet feel everything so deeply
A kiss
And looking up to you and you
Grabbing my face – gently but manly-
And kissing me passionately.
Soft, and genuine.
And powerful
Biting softly
But loving
And tasteful
One step further and I would surely fall back
But again
Butterflies will escape my body
And I would be left with nothing but a kiss

Drown In It

This is beautifully written… ! follow this amazing poet, he is amazing!!!

The Voiceless Heart

I fully intend


expel so much love

that there’s an ocean of it

so vast

so deep

that you’ll never find the bottom of it

reaching so far into the sky

that you’ll never reach the top of it

there’s no more air for you

I want you to breathe it in

fill your nasal passages

fill your lungs with a fluid

only intending to help it expand

slowly pulling you under

as gentle as it can

and love

as gentle as I can

I want your love force

to take life-form

as our romance is born

creating tropical storms


will decimate our island

but that’s okay

because the way


I intend to recklessly love you

I expect there

to be

no survivors

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Our Love (Part 3)


I love you so much, that agape love
That thing that people say takes years and years to form
Well its been years
And it has formed.

I go from laughing and smiling, blushing and singing
To crying and frowning, moaning and constantly wanting to tell you I love you!
All the time!
At the end of our conversations,
But I can’t
Because we are trying to keep things on that friend level
We fool ourselves when we say we are just friends
Because we know we are more than that,
But we have to keep living the lie
Despite the fact
That you said that phrase.
I have to keep thinking it was just a mistake
I have to push it in the hidden parts of my soul
Try to forget it
Try to not think about it
Because Lord knows if I do it will spark more flames
If that’s even possible…
But my love for you is like a bon fire
And those words are highly flammable like gasoline
And my heart exploded.

Our Love (Part 2)


So you say you love me?

I couldn’t have heard a more powerful sentence
That sentence can make a dead man smile
That sentence can make the sun reach Hell’s darkest corner
That sentence can move mountains
And that sentence can soften the hearts of those that have been hardened
That sentence can also ruin lives
That sentence can cause a rainy day
That sentence can cause two people their worst nightmare
Romeo and Juliet for instance
Love was a tragedy for them, for they could never be…
That word.
So powerful,
Changing lives everyday.
For the better?
Most of the time, yes
But sometimes
That is not the case.

Our Love (Part 1)


Just when I thought I couldn’t have gotten any crazier
I hear those words I only dreamed of hearing
Making my head spin more out of control
Forcing me to believe
That I indeed
Have gone overboard
I am head over heels
Deep in my feelings for you
I love you with all I have, and then some
If I could only show you
By way of a simple kiss
Wrapping my arms around your waist
A tight embrace
Squeeze the air out of your lungs
That would be great.

Pessimism or Realism??


I am not a pessimistic person.
I am a realist.
Even though the bad spots and blemishes are the first thing i notice,
I cant help but see things for what they actually are,
I can follow up with what is polished and pretty,
And i can point out the picture’s good qualities,
but you most likely will never see me point them out first.
being realistic here,
there is no such thing as optimism
its more like oblivion
optimists can be liars
lying to themselves
saying its better than what it really is
and pessimism
that another issue
there is no such thing
they are liars as well
saying things are worse than they are
How can someone be completely open to the fact that what is truly bad
Can be turned into good?
How can someone be completely close minded
To what is good and positive?
This world needs some balance.
We need some smarter people.
Come on, think
Unplug your ears, put your devices down,
Open your eyes and mind to what is around.
Understand that you are not the only human being in the world,
Stop acting like the world is against you
Stop acting like the world isn’t full of wickedness
Don’t be ignorant to reality
There are good things
There are bad things
The truth hurts
We live on
Life is what it is
So move on

My Prayers


Shall I go on without a response?
Will I continue to verbalize my thoughts and have them ricochet off the ceiling to my brain again
Leaving me to believe they never made their way to You
As I direct my prayer to Heaven
Will it be directed to the Father?
Can He even interpret my selfish prayers?
I lack wisdom and I need the stamina to survive wickedness.
I ask in all honesty
For i know that those who speak leasing will be destroyed
Faithfulness is lacking from their speech
They fail miserably to reach you with their words
You put them away because of their rebellion
But they that put their trust in the Lord
Shall be bestowed with a compass for guidance and a shield for protection

Perfect Couple


wish i could wake up in the every morning and see your face

and every single hour of every day be with you

and we could live ever after like a fairytale

oh if i could blow a candle and that dream come true

oh to be with you

and be by your side

oh to be with you

and our worlds collide

completely different in many ways

but the love we share is the same

our differences make us what we are

the perfect couple



This oppression that demons bring into my mind

And the hate speech that I am tempted to put in to my rhymes

It all comes so natural

Is that normal?

That I relate so well with the things of the devil?

Does that make me demonic?

Does it make me a lost soul?

Does it make me a psychotic individual?

Am I sane?

Certainly not.

Any sane person wouldn’t have these thoughts.

I am an anomaly

I was made differently

I dwell off of negativity and feed it dramatically

So please tell me,

What is wrong with me?



Depression is like a hallucinogenic drug.

It makes you see things that aren’t really there.

You see things that appear bad,

But really it’s all in your head.

A depressed person never sees the positive,

They never focus on the good things in life.


Sometimes, without realizing it;

They are their own antagonist.

They are the ones that bring themselves down

They beat themselves up

They say they aren’t good enough

And as if they are blind to anything good

They ignore the words of the ones trying to help them