The Cure

alive and well is the beast in this land

this cursed land, in which we dwell.

ignorance is bliss, we say

but the knowledge of such danger is necessity.


preying and feasting

on all the living and breathing,

no matter what

we hold ourselves accountable.


when we face the beast and lose all our strength

“where is the hand?” we say,

when things don’t go our way.

when trials come,

desperation seeks

for the risen help our souls need.

but shall it grant the favor?

bestow grace on the ungrateful fakes?

God help us.

lord have mercy on us

for asking in time of need,

but giving a blind eye,

turning the cold shoulder

when life is just fine…

we all deserve the worst.

hell at its finest is all too good for me.

i deserve the bottom of the pit

even when it cant be reached.

i should go there.

dwell there.


i deserve the worst.

but then came the blood!

thicker than any other!

stronger than any antidote!

the Cure.

the thing that saves…


the desperate and wicked,

this cure is the salvation of the beast

and his venom.

the poison it injects in each and every victim…

but i wont be that victim any longer!


for the blood that was spilt offered me more than a death sentence!

but a life sentence!

to freedom in eternal love,

and hope,

peace and joy.


the one thing that the beast is vulnerable,

the Blood

the Cure.


Own Little World

Sitting across this table,

From you.

The light shines in as we eat our breakfast.

With birds chirping in the distance and the morning dew,

I can’t help but stop eating and stare at you.

In your own little world, eating your cereal, not paying any mind to me or mine…


What I find to be fascinating about you, is your spirit to find.

Every morning, pray

Speaking to God in a way, I can’t explain.

A conversation so real, something that one would feel,

And I feel you continue this conversation throughout your day,

You meditate so well,

So lost in your own little world…



I was hoping this would be easier

But it is harder than swallowing a serrated knife to force these words out of my mouth

It’s like I can’t speak


It’s like I can’t breathe


It’s like I can’t move


When our eyes first met time stopped

And we looked into each other’s souls

What I found about you

You found about me

After we stared into each other’s eyes deeply

Was that we were a broken piece

We were not a whole

We were like

A frame without the picture

A door without the handle

A drum without a beat

A living people who couldn’t breathe

We were hopeless and ending in despair

We had nothing to lose

Because nothing had been gained

Except pain

But all that soon changed

When you took one step

And I followed the lead and took one also

We walked toward each other

As if hypnotized to do so

We were lost in the crowd

But found ourselves in each other’s eyes

Who knew that one glance at a person could change a person’s life

What I saw in you was the same hurt that I had inside

And I knew that you were the one I needed in my life

We connected in a way that I never thought possible

And when it was time to depart felt the unimaginable

I felt hope again

After losing the love of my life before

I thought I’d never get over him

But you revived me

And woke me up

I was restored

Lost, Found

As I journey through this thing called life,
And push away bad thoughts aside,
Morale conduct and good deeds
Doesn’t seem to satisfy me.

I feel like half of me is missing but have no clue where,
To start a search for the other pair.

My hope is shattered,
At least in my mind.
“Hope of what?”
Salvation inside.

Good deeds do not tarry far at all.
Maybe I shouldn’t be here,
Maybe hell is my home.

As I draw the knife, the noose, the gun,
And prepare to end my life for once,
I hear a voice tugging at my soul
Saying “there’s more to life! Don’t be a fool!”

This voice was so kind, yet strong and condemning
It said, ” salvation isn’t earned by trying not to be sinning,
“Salvation is earned by believing in the One on the cross,
Who was taken and beaten, and scorned for no cause.
Bloody and spat upon, bruised and hated,
By the ones who He came down to be saving.”

All this time I believed that I
Could save myself from hell, no lie.
But as quick as an eye could blink,
I looked to the sky and did think:
“Why Lord, Why? Have I been such a fool!
I have ignored the Word and made up my own rules!
I thought that I could save myself
But I was wrong oh, Lord,
Please save me from Hell.

Once Lost, now Found
Gods grace is Divine!
Thank you Jesus, I made it to Heaven on time…

When the Light Goes Out

This sin, this darkness
Engulfs the air I breathe,
No matter how hard I try, the evil binds me.
I can’t escape the sickness to this grave,
I push, I shove, I kick, I punch
I scream, I yell, this living hell!

Nothing is right,
Only wrong.
No such thing as light,
Only dark.
The walls around me, closing in
Tho I cannot see, I can’t hide my sin.
I push, I shove, I kick, I punch
I scream, I yell, this living hell!

In the darkness I saw a light
So desperate to see
I fought with all my might
To pass the dark creatures built up over time.
I pushed, I shoved, I kicked, I punched
I screamed, I yelled, but to no avail!

The light went dark,
And I was again blind
I decided from then on I would never again try to find what’s missing
In this blackened soul
This blackened soul that will never be whole.

So now I guess it is my time
To bid the darkness in the world goodbye.

No! This darkness all over again!
I thought I left behind all of the sin!
The light that I saw,
I see now was my way!
Out of the darkness and a way of escape!
But the light was too dim!
And didn’t shine bright at all!
So now I am trapped in this Hell eternal!
I push, I shove, I kick, I punch,
I scream, I yell, this flame is for real!

Why couldn’t the light save me from hell…