In Secret


You take me to a faraway place
I often times can’t think straight
My words will slur as if drunken
And my mind goes blank and freezes

My thoughts ran together
Electricity raced through my veins and I was shocked.
I couldn’t move
For if I did I would surely fall
Unstable knees
Your kiss was intoxicatingly amazing
And I would give anything to endure it again
First time
Shocked and astounded
But the feeling never wore off
Second time great
But not long enough
Third time smooth
Longer yet short
As soon as it begun
We were stopped by the noise above

Two lovers that meet in secret
Are the two that will forever be changed.

Prayer Warrior


Prayer is everywhere
Not even one step away.

Anywhere you can pray.

Never fear,
For God is near,
Closer than you know.
Bow the knee,
regret nothing,
Just let yourself go.

You are weak
You need strength
You need wisdom
You need forgiveness
You are fallible
And you are unworthy
You are a sinner
And needs a savior
Tell Jesus now
You pray in His name
You ask for His hand and blessing on the day
Be a prayer warrior
Fight your flesh and speak
Speak to the open air and let your heart be heard
God is there
Even when you feel alone
He hears your prayers
Even when you’ve come undone
That’s when he listens most!
Always when you need Him most!
Satan always attempts to tempt you
Stears you down the crooked and wide
But the straight and narrow
Is the best path to follow.

Lean on the right side
Praying should never cease
God is always waiting
So go for it!
Take a leap!
Jump into God’s loving arms and talk to your Father
Never forget He is where you stand
Don’t even think about it
Pray to God
Talk to God
Ask God
Praise God
Tell God your thanks
Tell God your wishes
And always pray to God
Be a prayer warrior
Fight the flesh and fight the world



Goodnight is such a hard thing to say to the love of your life
Saying goodbye is almost like ending life itself
It is torture
When your world revolves around one person and they make your world rotate
You know the love you have for them isn’t fake
But true
It’s Real
No mistake
I hope its not too late
To say I love you one last time
I know I have said it six times
Let’s make it seven
That perfect number
The number of completion
But yet that number of completion doesn’t make me feel anymore complete than when I’m with you
I love you
Goodnight dearest love of my life
I can’t wait to see you again when the sun rises
When the moon sinks behind the horizon
When the sky brightens
And your smile illuminates my world
Until then
Sleep and dream
Dream of the happy beginnings we shall have for eternity
Beginnings but never endings
Only the daily beginnings of I love you and goodnight