Satan’s Dreams


The darkness crept into the light

Casting shadows all around

Reeling in demons that even the vilest and most wicked creature would shiver from

Hissing laughs

And blood curdling screams

Nothing is as tormenting as Satan’s dreams

Because not everything is as it seems

What the eye sees is not always real

Shadows turn into illusions and hallucinations

The only substance that you may feel

Is darkness


Stagnant air

Breathing becomes heavy

The pores on your skin close blocking your sweating

Heat trapped inside your body

Along with you head pounding

Mind winding



Play with the devil’s devices

And you will endure his vices

He will control your mind

He will enter your sleep


Of Satan’s dreams.

What The Mind Sees


Drifting off to sleep
Eyes closing
Darkness evolves into light
Shining bright to reveal a dream
About anything the mind wonders off to
Daisies and pastures
Or the ocean and its creatures
Quite possibly death and torture
Or Hell with no rapture
Happy things can become a nightmare
When the mind is numb
To lighthearted things,
Positive and good things

A nightmare is like prison
Entrapment and hell
Not seeing a way out
No control over your fate
You just know that at some point
death will find you
And you can scream
but find you voice is silent
You can punch
but find your strength is gone
You can run
but never fast enough to escape your nightmare
It controls you
The nightmare controls your fate
It controls when you will awake

Shaking and trembling often follows
With tears from fear that death could’ve swallowed
You whole
Could’ve killed you
With no way out
It had no better victim than you
But it set you free
It awoke you from your dream
To have a better fight
In real life
Death didn’t want to take you out when you were asleep
That would be too easy
So it crossed over the dimension
Between what is real and what is in the mind
It could all just be an illusion
But the mind is so powerful it tells you otherwise
Death in human form
Standing at the end of your bed
Looking down at you with a knife in hand
You swallow hard
The rock the formed in your throat
Sharp as the razor blade you will be sliced with
You hear a gravelly voice saying to close your eyes
That you don’t want to see death end your life
Close your eyes
Think of a better place
The mind is powerful
And is your way of escape.



Swarming in my head.
Blood curdling
Screams of the dead
And also the living
A cemetery of souls
The lost and the found
Alluring my attention
My will is the prevention
Of death.
Of falling eternally in a bottomless pit.
Who I am with
Is none other than the devil.
My skin is wrinkled,
Grey, and shrivelled.
Demons oppress me.
They tell me I am forever lost
No way to heaven
When I am bound by the chains of the devil himself.
He has bound me
Not by chains of metal,
But chains of my worst memories
All the tragedies I’ve encountered
All the decisions I made
They scream at me I will never be good enough
I can’t be saved
And will be forsaken
I will be like Satan
Damned to hell sempiternal
Damned to a place infernal
Damned to darkness so thick I can touch it
Damned to solitude, so alone its unimaginable
No one to scream to when I’m burning alive
No one around
Just me, myself, and the fire
Damned to gnashing of teeth
Damned to nightmares
Creatures to horrify me forever and ever
All my worst God forsaken dreams come to life and terrify me.
They will kill me
Over and over again
But I will never die
Only endure the torment
Swarming in my head
Doubts arouse my brain
Blood dripping from my pores
As I stress to the point of insanity
Hell will last forever
Not like the kind of hell I feel on earth
Is it worth it
To bite the bullet
And slit my throat now?
Do I want to die now?
Am I already dead now?
What is hell like?
What if it isn’t real?
Is burning alive in black fire,
The hottest fire possible
Worth these doubts?
Should I just settle it now?
What do I have to lose?
It wouldn’t hurt to believe it
Except it
And never feel the flames.
Ignoring my doubts will be the worst thing…
If hell is real…
Is it?
Is heaven real?
What is heaven like?
Is God real?
Will he save me,
After my life of unforgettable,
Unforgivable sins?
Only one way to find out…
Give my life to him.
But what about my pleasures
My favorite things to do
Yes, I live a wretched life
But I love it
I would hate to lose it…
But what I would gain, if its real, is so much more
After all my life is but a vapor
I won’t lose much
But if eternity is real
Then I would lose my golden ticket to heaven
And I would find the free ticket to hell.
Doubts are like nightmares
Because i don’t know the answer
Its like a coin…
50/50 chance of winning or losing.
Swarming in my head.
Blood curdling
Screams of the dead
And also the living
A cemetery of souls
The lost and the found
Alluring my attention
My will is the prevention
Of death.

The Angel Of Death


I woke up.
Sweating profusely.
Shaking with tears coming down my face
I sat up.
I buried my face in my hands and tried to erase
the violently vivid dream
I had not seconds before.
I’m thirsty. I thought as
I stood to walk to the door
to hydrate my tongue that felt like sandpaper.
I didn’t get far before I felt dizzy.
The dream was surreal.
I didn’t want to think about it any longer.
But it was there.
Right in front of my eyes.
It wasn’t a dream…
The most beautiful creature I had ever seen.
So beautiful yet terrifying.
Like an angel, but with a devil’s eyes,
To stare me down
And with her smile
I was distracted
She seemed harmful in my dream
But now standing in from of me
Seemed harmless…
I stepped one step
And she disappeared
I searched in a panic
I grew very frantic
My fear came back
She gave me a hypnotic affect
But now she was gone…
I walked out of my room
And into the hallway
The light from the moon and stars
Cast shadows behind everything
I moistened my throat and ran back into my bed
Under the covers fearing death
The angel of death left my dream
Came out of my nightmare and into reality
I closed my eyes and what I did see
Was the angel of death coming for me
I felt my bed sink
Then realized it was me
I fell beneath the sheets, the mattress, and the floor,
I went underground and to my horror
I saw darkness
I felt heat
I smelled a stench of death come off of me
I looked at my arms and what I did see
Was the angel of death had become a part of me.
I was immune to the flames
The infernal place
It was now my new home
I felt a new
Sort of thing…
Like a calling
I was purged
Into the devil’s mind
I looked above and realized what I must do the next night…
(The next night)
I had black wings unfurled
Flew up to the sky
Looked around the earth
To see who was awake at night.

The Empty Room

So quiet I can hear it
So dark I can see it
So empty I can touch it
So bland I can taste it
So odorless I can smell it

Chaos is brewing
I am going insane
This empty room I’m in
Is causing a sickness I can’t contain
My pores open up sweat and blood flows out of my skin
I melt away to nothing
And the room is left empty again

Walls don’t exist
This room is so empty
The eyes cannot see what is
And what isn’t the floor or the ceiling

The room is colorless
And can’t tell if it’s disappearing
It’s not black
It’s not white
It’s not opaque
It’s not transparent

The empty room is a nightmare
I am stuck in it somewhere
I have no clue how I got in here
No doors
No windows
No nothing…

It is empty