I was hoping this would be easier

But it is harder than swallowing a serrated knife to force these words out of my mouth

It’s like I can’t speak


It’s like I can’t breathe


It’s like I can’t move


When our eyes first met time stopped

And we looked into each other’s souls

What I found about you

You found about me

After we stared into each other’s eyes deeply

Was that we were a broken piece

We were not a whole

We were like

A frame without the picture

A door without the handle

A drum without a beat

A living people who couldn’t breathe

We were hopeless and ending in despair

We had nothing to lose

Because nothing had been gained

Except pain

But all that soon changed

When you took one step

And I followed the lead and took one also

We walked toward each other

As if hypnotized to do so

We were lost in the crowd

But found ourselves in each other’s eyes

Who knew that one glance at a person could change a person’s life

What I saw in you was the same hurt that I had inside

And I knew that you were the one I needed in my life

We connected in a way that I never thought possible

And when it was time to depart felt the unimaginable

I felt hope again

After losing the love of my life before

I thought I’d never get over him

But you revived me

And woke me up

I was restored


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