My Heart Speaks

Show me your face

I want to see you

I want to see your glory

I want to see your power

This very hour

So do it in me

My heart speaks out right now oh God

I need more than just comfort

I need love

I need affection

I need mercy

Forgiveness and hurt my heart speaks

My heart speaks out right now oh God

I life my voice up and i sing to you in vain

My worship is not enough

My heart speaks to You

I long for Your free acceptance

Your genuine love that far that exceeds man’s character

My heart speaks Lord

I give up

I want to die forever

To this world. To myself. I want to die to everything for You.

In His Hands


They draw their swords and they chase me into the mountains

The caves in which I dwell

They offer me no shelter

For within dwells monsters and I am a helpless worm

Suffering starvation

And lacerations

My health is on the decline

But dare I not blame God

Because I know He will deliver in due time

And even with being hunted

Chased down





I have the Lord looking down at me

And walking beside me

I need not fear

Though fear comes at times

I know he will deliver me when I need his hand

The lord shall provide His hand

And again,

No matter what trials may come my way

I know the Lord will deliver

So praise be to Him

For when He will deliver

You may wonder,

Why my optimism never ceases,

It’s because of the joy in my heart that never leaves me

My soul is joyful

My heart is full of the Holy Spirit

I have a peace within

That cannot be comprehended by most

Until one has found the faith in Upmost Highest

They will never fathom the power of the Holy Ghost

And the peace that it bestows

The Lord is my rock to lean on when I get weak

The Lord is my shelter when I need to sleep

And the Lord is my Saviour when I am going through a storm

I will continue to praise Him

No matter what comes my way

And my enemies will continue to fight against me

But they shan’t prevail against me

For it isn’t me they are against

It is God

For in Him I have placed my trust

And I am in His hands.

How Can I?


The Lord is my rock solid foundation that i can place my trust in
He will never fail to support me and keep me above the waters
I will never sink if i sail the waves on his freely bestowed rock
The lord is my fortress
He is my safetower from all the waves of life that crash upon me and try to drown me
He keeps me above lower grounds
He seals out the evil that tries to climb the walls of the safe haven he has provided me
The lord is my deliverer
No matter what the trial
He will always be my hero
Saving me from destruction and delivering me from evil
Giving me
The strength to keep on and never give up
The Lord is my strength
He provides me with the spiritual, physical, and mental endurance to make it through each and every day
I will trust in my God
I have to
If i cant learn to place my trust in him
How shall i be truly happy?
How can i be comforted by Him, the Comforter?
The Lord is my Buckler
Keeping me safe from falling off the cliff from my foolish decisions
He places me on the Hightower
To see over my path He made for me
And helps me to understand His will for my life
And His way is best
For true happiness
How can i ignore this?

My Prayers


Shall I go on without a response?
Will I continue to verbalize my thoughts and have them ricochet off the ceiling to my brain again
Leaving me to believe they never made their way to You
As I direct my prayer to Heaven
Will it be directed to the Father?
Can He even interpret my selfish prayers?
I lack wisdom and I need the stamina to survive wickedness.
I ask in all honesty
For i know that those who speak leasing will be destroyed
Faithfulness is lacking from their speech
They fail miserably to reach you with their words
You put them away because of their rebellion
But they that put their trust in the Lord
Shall be bestowed with a compass for guidance and a shield for protection



The comfort I find in you, Lord, is unfathomable
The protection you provide cannot be broken
The love you show is unimaginable
And is proven by the words you have spoken.
How can I forget that you are a shield for me?
How can I forget that you lift my head?
How can I lessen the fact that the air I breathe
Is, in fact, the reason I am not dead?
But, I am alive and well
I am encouraged to be all I can be for you
In you is where I wish to dwell
And I hope my actions exemplify I do
For I in you
And You in me
Just us two
Make it be
An ever lasting joy
That others desire
May I employ
The strength you give me, to not tire
You take me higher
Than I have ever been
Released my anger
And sealed my sin
When insomnia takes over
And restlessness creeps into my life
I have recently discovered
You kill those bothersome thoughts and comfort me at night.



We are rulers of ourselves
Full of pride and lust for power
Blow a kiss in Heaven’s direction
And give a warm welcome to the wolf in sheep’s clothing
Wave goodbye to a once sinless life
Look ahead to the future
Breaking the bands and cords thinking we’re free
But soon shall we see
That God shall vex us in his displeasure
The life we live is not our own
The place we abide is not our home
The fall of man has shown to still be falling
Every minute of every day- drowning
But one day it will be enough
One more man killed
One more women raped
One more child aborted
One more person
One more sin…

It will have been enough
The line will been drawn and crossed
The Potter’s vessels will be dashed into pieces  the rulers of men will kiss the feet of the Son, Jesus
And pride will fall
Power will be irrelevant
Humility will rise
And fear will be prevalent
The glory of the Father will be magnificent
The robes
Many poor unfortunate souls will be thrown away – judgment
And all who remain unknown breathe the flames of everlasting torment
At that moment in time it will be too late to repent
But forever the thought of relentless regret- frequent
God’s son shall and will reign eternally-
The end.



Why would I walk amongst vipers and scorpions?
Why would I put myself in the position to possible be bitten or stung?
I pass through the fire and break out unscathed
And being planted by the rivers of water
I am delighted in the Father’s eyes
Having the delicious sunlight to fertilize my leaves
I shall not wilt, but grow
And prosperity is promised to my life
What should I gain from oceans I could sail
When the rivers provided are more than enough?
Yes, the oceans are most beautiful,
But they’ve proven to swallow vessels that lose direction.
The light vessels-
Void of the Rock needed to remain steady-
Are blown by the wind into whirlpools of destruction-
They sink.
Unless the crew sees the mistake and has God’s mercy.
The eyes of the Father can pierce the liar’s shell
He sees what truly lies beneath the flesh
Inside the human heart
The Lord knoweth the ungodly
And the Lord knoweth the righteous
The ship you sail
Determines if you’ll prevail
Judgment awaits
Will you be engulfed?
Swallowed by the temptations of the sea?
Will you perish?