The ultimate nirvana… freedom.

being free from yourself.

i have been my own worst enemy.

and the thing is, i acknowledged that ages ago,

but i just now truly understood it.

i just now truly seen what i have been doing to myself.

i have just now truly seen the harm i was inflicting upon myself. and i am ending it now.

thats what freedom is.

letting go of what things used to be.

things of the past that caused harm…

thats what freedom is.

i can honestly say, that now, i am free.

free of the chains and baggage, holding me back of my full potential.

i am feeling of good courage, to share who i am with the world.

and TELL THE WORLD about what has changed my life.

my testimony.

my freedom.



My Eagle Pendant


Around my neck

Hangs freedom

The chain symbolizes the flight

Souring through the air

The chain holds me down

But the chain screams of liberty

A blessing but a curse is

The eagle pendant about me

I dream of zero gravity

Me flying like a bird

Souring like an eagle

With a wingspan that holds the world

Strength in the talons

Freedom in the wings

Warmth in the feathers

Happiness that brings

Wisdom in the crown

Fight in the beak

The eagle pendant about my neck

Will take me to the highest peak

For it inspires a fight in me

To never give up in life

I may be losing the battles now

But I will end the war with a victory

With valor

With endurance

With the eagle pendant about me.

Vital Beginnings


You are caught in the present
because your past is returning.
You try to explain every circumstance
but your throat continues burning.
You tell me you are weary
and your life has the value of death.
But if you jumped into the sea right now,
I know you’d hold your breath.
You settle for every least
and your hope is hard to find.
But if I showed you all you can become.
I know you’d change your mind.
You might have hit rock bottom,
But it’s the perfect place to start.
At least now you can start from scratch
To renew the spirit of your heart.
And if I led you into a garden
That stored every memory your mind proposes
I’m sure you’d notice the thorn bushes
But be oblivious to the roses.
These rules you live by you may not understand
And it penetrates your skin like the deepest vaccine
But you always have to keep in that head of yours
That there’s always a reason nestled in between
This life hits you hard
And you scream of how everything is unfair.
But sometimes getting the wind knocked out of you,
Reminds your lungs of how much they love the taste air. – D.S.G.

My best friend wrote this for me, and its amazing how people can make a difference in your life. And She definitely has made a HUGE impact in me. This poem was exactly what I needed when she gave it to me, and I am so grateful to have her as a best friend. This poem opened my eyes to what I needed to see, and I couldn’t ask for a better friend. To make me happy, make me laugh, make me angry… But yet happy again lol and then at times like this when she makes me cry. I love you Daleah!

Cost of freedom


I have risked my life
many a time
Twenty years and counting
have I lost my mind?
Fighting for people who I will never know
In foreign countries I often go
I run and I hide to escape the ammo
Bullet trains fly by my head, I should get low
I see my friend fall, as he was hit in the chest
Violently killed he was shot to death
To fight for a country is like a horror story
Most that have the opportunity
To go back home
Come back an alcoholic
To escape what they had seen and been through
If only america knew
The price of her freedom
America has lost her sight of true patriotism
And lost all form of any nationalism
Unless with these soldiers they have a relation
They truly will never understand the cost of their freedom.


There is freedom in music.
Music is an escape.
The cadence to the ears that gives one peace,
Like a drug – for therapy.
Six strings strummed,
And a melodic hum,
Work as a blanket on a cold day,
Warming the soul in a magical way.

There is freedom in poetry.
Another way of escape is by writing.
Anything from love to hate,
Regret and sorrowful remembrance,
To happiness and forgiveness.
The topics are endless.
The only limit is creativeness.

There is freedom in sleep.
An escape when one is weak.
(Exhaustion from the world)
The brutal reality, that stabs us when we aren’t looking.
Things too real are my enemy;
So I cherish what is fake,
Because the truth is hard to follow.
My throat closes up before the pill can be swallowed,
But my eyes and my ears,
They pry my mouth open
And force the proof down my throat,
As if it were a garbage disposal.
I gag hoping to throw up
The poison shoved in to my gut.
Yes. The poison is truth.
And the truth is like poison.
This is why we run from it.
Making excuses of it and hiding it.
The truth exposes insecurities;
The truth exposes reality.
Reality is what we hate to see.
This is why we stay submerged in all things technology.
But what we fail to realize is It’s the poison.
technology is the deadly tool we think is freedom.
Oh yeah. Well it is freedom.
Freedom full of lies –
A tool of the Prince to be a disguise;
To blind our eyes from the truth beyond the sky.
We are too caught up in things we carry around.
How about we look around
To see what can be done
To see what we’ve become.
A generation caught up in pleasure
Not focused on pleasing the maker…

There is freedom in truth
Its true that we all want proof
But is portraying lies what we really want to do?
Living a lie is unnecessary
For lies are told everyday
We see it on TV
and by the words we say.
We wonder when will it stop?
It will never stop.
Not until the end has begun
And the lies will be proven wrong
And truth will overcome.

There is freedom in expectation;
Anticipating the coming;
Hoping and longing
For the coming of the King.
There is freedom in the salvation He brings.


This cage you have me in

Won’t hold me for much longer

I will break my chains

And will forget the pain

I will escape the stronghold and be stronger.

Nothing can stop me

I will overcome

Nothing to override me

I am my own.

I decide what to do

I decide who I will be

I decide where i will go

And I’ll put to use all my thinking.

All my thoughts I have kept inside.

And in these words secrets do hide.

But one day it will all make sense

And you will ask me for my forgiveness.

Hidden treasures that I seek

Won’t be kept any longer from me

As a lion that roars

I shout to the sky

“I am free at last! I will live my life!”

Overcome by evil

Overcome by pressure

Overcome by all of my wicked endeavors.

But i will laugh at your death

As I will burn your casket.

The grave is where you will stay,

Never come back to haunt me again

And control my life with your invisible hand.

So this cage I have known so long

And at one time did call my home

Is past, I’m through

I am done with you,

And I won’t turn back,

I am on the right track

Having victory for once

Instead of defeat

I feeling I never knew 

Its what I did need.

Goodbye cage,

And farewell,

 I’m sure there are others who will desire to dwell

Inside of you, though it isn’t wise

Your cage can be a deadly disguise.