You are caught in the present
because your past is returning.
You try to explain every circumstance
but your throat continues burning.
You tell me you are weary
and your life has the value of death.
But if you jumped into the sea right now,
I know you’d hold your breath.
You settle for every least
and your hope is hard to find.
But if I showed you all you can become.
I know you’d change your mind.
You might have hit rock bottom,
But it’s the perfect place to start.
At least now you can start from scratch
To renew the spirit of your heart.
And if I led you into a garden
That stored every memory your mind proposes
I’m sure you’d notice the thorn bushes
But be oblivious to the roses.
These rules you live by you may not understand
And it penetrates your skin like the deepest vaccine
But you always have to keep in that head of yours
That there’s always a reason nestled in between
This life hits you hard
And you scream of how everything is unfair.
But sometimes getting the wind knocked out of you,
Reminds your lungs of how much they love the taste air. – D.S.G.

My best friend wrote this for me, and its amazing how people can make a difference in your life. And She definitely has made a HUGE impact in me. This poem was exactly what I needed when she gave it to me, and I am so grateful to have her as a best friend. This poem opened my eyes to what I needed to see, and I couldn’t ask for a better friend. To make me happy, make me laugh, make me angry… But yet happy again lol and then at times like this when she makes me cry. I love you Daleah!

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