We are rulers of ourselves
Full of pride and lust for power
Blow a kiss in Heaven’s direction
And give a warm welcome to the wolf in sheep’s clothing
Wave goodbye to a once sinless life
Look ahead to the future
Breaking the bands and cords thinking we’re free
But soon shall we see
That God shall vex us in his displeasure
The life we live is not our own
The place we abide is not our home
The fall of man has shown to still be falling
Every minute of every day- drowning
But one day it will be enough
One more man killed
One more women raped
One more child aborted
One more person
One more sin…

It will have been enough
The line will been drawn and crossed
The Potter’s vessels will be dashed into pieces  the rulers of men will kiss the feet of the Son, Jesus
And pride will fall
Power will be irrelevant
Humility will rise
And fear will be prevalent
The glory of the Father will be magnificent
The robes
Many poor unfortunate souls will be thrown away – judgment
And all who remain unknown breathe the flames of everlasting torment
At that moment in time it will be too late to repent
But forever the thought of relentless regret- frequent
God’s son shall and will reign eternally-
The end.