Greater Than All Sin

Who is greater than all sin? Who will keep us from falling? Who supplies our every need? My God, your God,  our God in heaven.

His name is Jesus, our only salvation. He is powerful; He is the great I am; He is so much greater than all our sin.

Why should i ever fear? Why should I feel broken? When i stumble and fall, My God will life me up, because He is greater than all!

He alone, Jesus, my rock…

He alone, Jesus my defense…

no prayer goes unanswered, no cry goes unheard, no, not one, shall be forsaken. Jesus, alone, greater than all sin…


Death Of Me


The death of me
I would have to say, sadly,
Is me
None other than myself
My eyes control me.
My ears control me
My feet control me.
My mind controls me.
I can’t help it…
Nothing can sway me.
A blessing and a curse, tho
I bid it very much a woe
That my mind is profane
And my heart is dirty
Cleansing them daily is a tiring necessity
But they as well also control me.
I find myself to be wicked and hypocritical
Being forceful one day,
In the Biblical way,
But the very next day
Shoving awful things into my being
Showing a loss of character
Losing my dignity
All of my small amount of pride
Gone in the blink of an eye.
I shrivel to hide my shame
My sin nature is to blame
I need freedom from the chains of myself
The death of me is me
And sometimes I can’t cont control me
My flesh is so very powerful
As a normal human being
I can’t control it alone
I need a lock to lock my thoughts away
I need a hand to guide me through the valleys
I need a voice to tell me its okay
I need the God in heaven to continuously show me
That I am the death of me.
I am wicked
I will kill myself without intending it
The prince of the
Is world oppresses me
Changes my ways of thinking
Makes me believe in him,
Not the Father,
I need to be a more faithful daughter.
Trusting in Him gives a peace like no other.

Time Is Up

You’re a pain inside
without you I’d still be alive
You’re a killing machine
Pain and sorrow is what you bring

You take away my spirit
You bring a demon
Change my way if thinking
I’m ashamed of you
But I can’t let you go
No matter how much I want to

I sealed my own doom
Said goodbye to what I once was
Now I can’t get rid of you
You’re now in, you’re controlling me

Here we go again
Decisions, decisions
Which will I pick
left, right, east or west
I am still on the line
Up, down, north, south
I need to make this quick
I love you so much
Too late my time is up…

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