Stupid People


I am starting to think that patience is a talent.
Some people got it.
Some people don’t.
I know I don’t have it.
Because wanting to smack a person in the face from stupidity,
is a prevalent part of my thinking.
Envisioning it is sometimes why I randomly laugh
With a smirk on my face.
Other might even look at me strange and ask?
“What are you thinking?”
I just smile and walk away.
Leaving them to imagine.
Maybe this is why people think of me as strange.
But they should appreciate me walking away
Because usually I am holding myself back from
Hitting them into next week
Or punching
Or maybe
Kicking them so hard they can’t sit for a week
Or smacking
Maybe even
Because they are so
So ignorant
Its hard to believe.
Maybe this is just me…



The Slumber That Never Was

We never sleep.
Sleep is for the weak.
We will never rest until we take our final breath.
The way we function has become blurred and bleak.
But instead of running this course, we crept.
We lazied around and acted like fools.
Wasted time that slipped through our fingers.
Taking advantage of the resourceful tools.
Fall and allowing our plans to linger.

The plans of today we say can wait
We put off till tomorrow what could be a mistake.
If only we knew the value of time.
And the value of lives.
They can’t be brought back.
Our life’s off track
Focusing on the here and now
The carnal desires of the human heart
The head encrypted with vulgar, profane, thinking.
Instead of things eternal
What may be infernal- never considered.
Temporary pleasures are always the winner.
You stereotypical sinner!
Don’t be ignorant!
Naive to what’s important…
This is a wakeup call.
Meditate on things sempiternal.
Things that actually matter.
The ignorance that blankets this world, the result?-disaster.
We think “life is long enough” and ” when it’s done it’s done”
But this ludicrous thinking makes us believe in the slumber that never was.