The Sea

i awoke again

to the smell of salt and fresh air

the faint odor of sea weed

itching on the surface of the sand

ever so slightly the smell of fish

from the catch of the fishermen

each grain and particle of rock under my body

my sun-baked body

absorbing the rays of the sun

the sight of the billows that roll

from the oceans breeze

the off-white sea foam


back and forth

back and forth

the notion of the miniature waves…

never ending

coming and going

the rise and decline of the sea’s tide

climbing the beach until riding high

pushing children further in to land

sand buckets and sand castles covered

never to be seen again.

the sea


consuming everything

i hear the call of the seagull

the patter of the crabs scatter

and of course the chatter

of the hotel guests,

the tourists

running through the walkways

down the wooden planks

skipping playfully, kicking sand behind them

blown up

from being tossed by their feet

they call one to another

lovers walk hand in hand

imprints left in the wet sand

fading with each wave

swimmers take further out

flowing parallel with the land

with the rip current

the ocassional spray of the salty water

burning the eyes

and the sun staying strong…

draining the energy of the many beach goers


but calming

my home, the beach

where i stay


morning, noon, and night…




I was reading some of my older posts. And i read this one and realozed it still applies to me. Sometimes when i write at one time i will come back and be like… What was i thinking? Or im glad im not like that anymore… But this is still exactly how i feel.

Addiction –

Crisp Cold Air


Night time falls
Here comes out
The crisp cold air
Surrounding all breathing beings
All life
Cold dirt
Grass as cold as ice cycles
They fall to the earth
The fire pit
Warmth in the core
Shift it around
And the flames grow more
Crisp cold air
Cutting through each flame
Breaking it to fibrous flames
Popping and snapping
Logs in the fire pit
Continue to provide warmth
Skin warm on the surface
Cold in the core
Crisp cold air
Cuts through flesh to the bones
Steam from the breath
Layers of clothing
Body heat escapes still
Crisp cold air
By osmosis makes contact
Burn fire
Grow fire
Warm fire
Fight fire
Fight the air
The crisp cold air
Fight until i feel my skin again
Crisp cold air
Steals my sense of touch
Its a thief and needs to be stopped
My joints do ache
Its the crisp cold air
No mistake
Fire pit burn
Dont stop until the sun comes up and earth is warm again.

My Fresh Breath Of Air

You are the oxygen to my life.
Without you I wouldn’t survive.
Please don’t go my fresh breath of air!
For without you i wouldn’t be here.
Sorrowful and dead I would become,
If your breath ceases to fill my lungs.
Dead from lack of my Fresh Breath of air,
Please don’t leave me to a helpless despair.
Bound by chains of eternal heartache,
Without my Fresh Breath of air I would surely suffocate.
The love we share isn’t like others
Its real, not fake and will last forever.
Whatever may come between us,
my Fresh Breath of air, could anything harm us?
Never enough to harm our love.
My fresh breath of air, you are what I can’t get enough.