It’s amazing how people can act. One thing you say or do, will throw them off.

One thing you say or do, and your friendship is lost.

its amazing how juvenile thinking can ruin your relationships

patience is to come in from one side and the other, but what if one side it doesn’t come?

does that then mean that patience is a one-sided thing? almost like a one-sided friendship…

not very genuine. not very considerate.

where has consideration gone these days?

why is it non-existent??

no one understand that you should hold the door for the one behind you. or put your turn signal on to let those behind you have a head’s up what your planning to do.

but NO. no one lets people know their plans, or anything… why?

pure selfishness.


its amazing what is considered selfish these days. its amazing how people can call others selfish for not putting themselves out for others, but yet. they do worse. they are more selfish than any other.

hypocrites rule the world.

in the highest places hypocrites dwell.

I’m sick of it, and I am supposed to deal with it??

I am to “turn the other cheek,”

I am to “have patience for them who know not…”

well, when will things turn around?

I wonder things. maybe I shouldn’t.

I think too much. thinking turns into actions…

maybe the more I think on things that work me up, maybe one day I will act on it.

try to make a difference myself…

but not with myself. that’s the dangerous part.

I am to be an example… that’s how I should be making a difference…

but if I am not careful. I will set another example that is much easier to follow. a bad example.

and that isn’t what I want.


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