I have reached a new checkpoint in life


people are already challenging me

expecting me to fall

to fail

to mess up and “prove” i made a mistake

well, all i can say…

“As life now begins

i feel a little scared,

but i know that with the faith i have gained,

God will always be there.

as life now begins,

i know that times will be hard,

but even if i never made any distance,

there would still be obstacles.

as life now begins,

all the doubters can doubt,

but they will see in a few years,

that their doubt is what sprung a fire in me to succeed.

as life now begins, i want nothing but to prove them wrong.

show them, its possible, and that i am not crazy.

show them that even tho i hit a downfall,

i am treading up hill, at an enduring speed.

i feel God’s hand upon me.

yes, there are those that feel different.

think that because they have a spiritual authority,

that my calling and what i feel is God,

is nothing.


to them i say, hah hah

think what you like.

say what you like.

hate on me.

prey on me.

but i will pray for you, because you are being led astray by your own pride…

as life now begins,

i am slow to make friends.

friends turn into enemies quickly.

when big things come in life,

friends should never leave your side.

friends should never talk bad about you,

talk down to you,

make you feel lesser…

but many times do.

and it is then that i realize how much of a friend they truly are.

they like many in the world, out for themselves

looking out for themselves.

“what will i look like…” and the like.

i dont have time for those who second guess my friendship.

its as genuine as it can come.

but only to some.

those who dont truly understand a true friendship, arent true friends.

they dont comprehend what they once had.

but it is now lost,

second chances are a downgrade.

things will NEVER be the same.

but nevertheless i will always be a friend.

as life now begins,

i am learning every day,

things that i shouldve known for years,

that i never had the chance.

being held back has made things different.

not just hard,

but different.

the embarrassment…

being humbled at common sense things…

as life now begins,

i have found a new me.

taking on life,

head-on, full force, bring the rain

i fight through pain

as life now begins.


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