Crisp Cold Air


Night time falls
Here comes out
The crisp cold air
Surrounding all breathing beings
All life
Cold dirt
Grass as cold as ice cycles
They fall to the earth
The fire pit
Warmth in the core
Shift it around
And the flames grow more
Crisp cold air
Cutting through each flame
Breaking it to fibrous flames
Popping and snapping
Logs in the fire pit
Continue to provide warmth
Skin warm on the surface
Cold in the core
Crisp cold air
Cuts through flesh to the bones
Steam from the breath
Layers of clothing
Body heat escapes still
Crisp cold air
By osmosis makes contact
Burn fire
Grow fire
Warm fire
Fight fire
Fight the air
The crisp cold air
Fight until i feel my skin again
Crisp cold air
Steals my sense of touch
Its a thief and needs to be stopped
My joints do ache
Its the crisp cold air
No mistake
Fire pit burn
Dont stop until the sun comes up and earth is warm again.


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