How Can I?


The Lord is my rock solid foundation that i can place my trust in
He will never fail to support me and keep me above the waters
I will never sink if i sail the waves on his freely bestowed rock
The lord is my fortress
He is my safetower from all the waves of life that crash upon me and try to drown me
He keeps me above lower grounds
He seals out the evil that tries to climb the walls of the safe haven he has provided me
The lord is my deliverer
No matter what the trial
He will always be my hero
Saving me from destruction and delivering me from evil
Giving me
The strength to keep on and never give up
The Lord is my strength
He provides me with the spiritual, physical, and mental endurance to make it through each and every day
I will trust in my God
I have to
If i cant learn to place my trust in him
How shall i be truly happy?
How can i be comforted by Him, the Comforter?
The Lord is my Buckler
Keeping me safe from falling off the cliff from my foolish decisions
He places me on the Hightower
To see over my path He made for me
And helps me to understand His will for my life
And His way is best
For true happiness
How can i ignore this?


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