Your Work


I read and ponder your words of wisdom
And many a time still lack understanding
Of such simple proverbs
Sharp words
That should cut through any confusion
I strive to wrap my hands and feet
With the words of your Work
Your Word
Your power can be brief
But when i read it covers me for a period of time
If i let it
If i consider allowing it to hover in my mind
I strive to daily look to You
And i strive to daily listen from You
Life gets in the way
I need to just slow down
I need to relinquish my addictions
And i need to unwound
For when i let your guidance in my heart
I see the lies and foolishness about me
Help me see
What i can be
For without a vision i am blind to what you desire of me
Your Word has the ability
But i just have to use it
Force myself to keep it and treasure it
I desire to treasure your Work.
Help me to do that which you want of me.


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