Waste Of Time


By the power of your tongue
You managed to control me
You managed to move me in ways i forbade myself to ever do again
You made me say things i never thought of
You made me think things i never would’ve
Why did i ever give it any thought?
My body!
My rights!
No one should control my actions!
No one who truly loves me would force anything upon me!
And in the end hurt me!?!
How dare you!
How could you!
A human being can be so vicious
Used of an evil force to take someone’s innocence
Abuse their ignorance
Making them believe the lie
That love ever existed
Making them think that they had found it
The one
The truth
But no
You lied
And i died
So many times
To just move on
But you took my heart
Ran with it
And then burnt it and scorched it!
You stabbed me so hard
So deep
So quick
I hardly believed it
The surreal reality that was left for me
By you!
You coward!
You walk away
That’s what you think
Your time will come when you suffer from your evil mistake
But it was no mistake that you left
God knew what he doing when he allowed Satan to control your breath
When Satan gave you those lovely words to use on me
I was demented to believe a word you said to me
To believe that you truly cared about me
All those times that people were encouraging me?
I realize now that those weren’t their words
But rather the devil’s words to entrap me
To enslave my trust to you
To trust that you truly felt what you said
But no
You lied
The devil will rot in hell because of his lies
He believed the lie that he was greater than God
Well you will rot in a hell of regret
For what you did to me
And it will twist the knife in your heart as you cry and beg for mercy of your own misery
You will be tormented by your own guilty conscience
While i live in happiness
Because i found true love
I found what i needed for my life
And looking back i cant believe what i thought was real was nothing at all but a waste of time.


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