Such A Love As This


Just a reminder
Of my devotion
To the one i love
The man i love
The man of my dreams
I am yours forever
And forever shall we be
I couldn’t ask for more in a friend
A lover
A husband
A love like what you bestow upon me
Is hardly something i can grasp
Much less hold
A love like this is so fragile
But yet so strong
So tender
But yet so hard
So big
But yet so small
Because not everyone has the opportunity to find such a love as this
It is so fragile in that it can be broken easy
Words can erase any good memories
Broken hearts cone from words that cut deep
That’s what makes love so fragile to keep
Its so strong our love is
That nothing can break it
Nothing can mistake this indestructible love we have
Its supernatural
For God is on our side
Its so tender
That a simple word can destroy it
A simple cut through the heart will break what was once molded
But so hard
That nothing can harm it
For if its true it cant be tampered
Our love is so big
That its next to impossible to hide
I see it in your eyes
And its no disguise that it is true
But yet…
So small…
Because it must stay under wraps.
U til the time comes when all around will collapse
And we shout to the world
Such a love
As this.


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