Love’s New Beginning


I was left for dead
Thrown to the wolves
Devoured the thrown up
Spit out
Tossed about
And confused
And betrayed
I was slayed
By my own sword
My own words
Turned against me
I am my own worst enemy
My heart is supposed to keep me alive
But instead it kills me slowly
It falls so hard
Plunging in deep waters called love
It drowns in a sea of despair
I gasp for air
I beg for oxygen
I swim so deep
But expect to reach the surface
I need this tonic
But i am left in a panic
Searching for a way out
Looking for exit signs
I beseech God for a cure for this sickness I have
This need for love
That’s the last thing i need at this moment
I need protection
From my heart
It’s so week
But yet its so strong
It feels for so long
And its beatings upon me are so hard
I need an escape from it
At least
That’s what i thought
I was hurt so bad for so long I wished to just stop
Stop falling in love
Stop being there for anyone
Stop trying for anyone
Stop anything for even one
I was done
Tired of all the pain and suffering
Sick of the sickness called depression from being lonely
A waste i was ready to be
For i felt wasted because the drug of love left me in the gutters of the streets
But then i met you
You flipped my whole world around
You changed my heart and opened my eyes
Lifted me off the ground
Brought me back to life
Told me everything’s alright
I can and will prevail
Because you would be there by my side
You said that you truly loved me
You told me that i was the only
Made me feel wanted
And special
No longer let me feel lonely
For i know now I’m not alone
And i have a journey to complete
And that anytime i might fall down you would be my feet
Never to give up
Never to surrender
To what life may throw my way
You are my sunshine and the light
That brightens every day…
I can now say
That love is no longer a curse
No longer my enemy
Its has healed all my hurt
Love’s a New beginning
When at one time it was my end
Thanks to you
My life isn’t through
And i will be there for you
Til the very end.


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