Hypocrite’s Victory


As if the whole world were against you

You collapse to the ground

Once again

I am here standing in agonizing pain

Wondering when will God stop the rain

It falls too much

And I can’t keep up

My tears are drowning me in a pool of sorrow and pain

How can I go on knowing that I can’t stop the train?

Of sadness?


My heart


From the confusion


You wonder what is wrong

And when I try to explain I can’t

So I wonder why I am upset

And I can’t even answer

I don’t even know

I can’t even begin to tell

I want to scream and yell

An escape from all the eyes

Watching me like a vulture

Waiting till I mess up so they can tear me apart

Waiting till I depart from my better side

They must want to see me cry

They must want to see me fall and scrape my flesh some more

They must want me to head out the door

Maybe they should try harder to keep their prey

But I cannot say

I will not say a thing

I will keep my mouth shut as I push it aside once more

I’m tired of fighting tho

I think of giving up

But then a spirit pricks my heart and says no, don’t go

Don’t give up so soon

So this is where doubt fills my mind

What should I do?



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