When I stumbled and I fell
Down the road
On the rocks below
The gravel cut my feet
The bushes scraped my knees
My arms flew I the air
As if to say I give up!
I shan’t fight any longer
I can’t!
I am dead already…
I have no stamina to hold my own two legs up
But you saw the tears in my eyes form
You hears the desperation in my voice for a savior
A plea for hope
A beg for love to be shown
And you gave it.
You picked me up
You are my life and I can’t live without you
You save my heart from fear
Comfort is what you bestow upon me
I feel safe when your hands are there to pick me up
To pull me the right direction
To guide me along a path  that’s been broken
But fear often pulls my heart strings
Fear too often controls my being
I think deeply and fear gets in the mix
Fear and worry are my worst enemies
But looking up
I know there is One who loves me
Who would never allow trials to ruin me
God above will only allow what I can handle
He knows what i am capable of
And He knows that in time i will be stronger
That is if i trust in Him
Only when i rely on his foundation
Lean on the Rock of ages
Walk on the water of faith he leads me to
And i know that i will stay up
Only if i trust in God above.


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