Prayer Warrior


Prayer is everywhere
Not even one step away.

Anywhere you can pray.

Never fear,
For God is near,
Closer than you know.
Bow the knee,
regret nothing,
Just let yourself go.

You are weak
You need strength
You need wisdom
You need forgiveness
You are fallible
And you are unworthy
You are a sinner
And needs a savior
Tell Jesus now
You pray in His name
You ask for His hand and blessing on the day
Be a prayer warrior
Fight your flesh and speak
Speak to the open air and let your heart be heard
God is there
Even when you feel alone
He hears your prayers
Even when you’ve come undone
That’s when he listens most!
Always when you need Him most!
Satan always attempts to tempt you
Stears you down the crooked and wide
But the straight and narrow
Is the best path to follow.

Lean on the right side
Praying should never cease
God is always waiting
So go for it!
Take a leap!
Jump into God’s loving arms and talk to your Father
Never forget He is where you stand
Don’t even think about it
Pray to God
Talk to God
Ask God
Praise God
Tell God your thanks
Tell God your wishes
And always pray to God
Be a prayer warrior
Fight the flesh and fight the world


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