Drown In It

This is beautifully written… ! follow this amazing poet, he is amazing!!!

The Voiceless Heart

I fully intend


expel so much love

that there’s an ocean of it

so vast

so deep

that you’ll never find the bottom of it

reaching so far into the sky

that you’ll never reach the top of it

there’s no more air for you

I want you to breathe it in

fill your nasal passages

fill your lungs with a fluid

only intending to help it expand

slowly pulling you under

as gentle as it can

and love

as gentle as I can

I want your love force

to take life-form

as our romance is born

creating tropical storms


will decimate our island

but that’s okay

because the way


I intend to recklessly love you

I expect there

to be

no survivors

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