Our Love (Part 3)


I love you so much, that agape love
That thing that people say takes years and years to form
Well its been years
And it has formed.

I go from laughing and smiling, blushing and singing
To crying and frowning, moaning and constantly wanting to tell you I love you!
All the time!
At the end of our conversations,
But I can’t
Because we are trying to keep things on that friend level
We fool ourselves when we say we are just friends
Because we know we are more than that,
But we have to keep living the lie
Despite the fact
That you said that phrase.
I have to keep thinking it was just a mistake
I have to push it in the hidden parts of my soul
Try to forget it
Try to not think about it
Because Lord knows if I do it will spark more flames
If that’s even possible…
But my love for you is like a bon fire
And those words are highly flammable like gasoline
And my heart exploded.


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