The ones who get on your nerves
The ones who love you more than themselves
The ones who put everything aside to comfort their child when they are hurt
The ones who provide
More than just love
But food, a home, and shoulder to cry on
The ones who help you through the mistakes in life
The ones who yell at you and tell you to get over it
The ones who tell you they love you everyday
The ones who hug you, even when a hug is not returned
The ones who forget of their own hunger to make sure you are more than full
The ones who are there till the end
The ones who most often are your only friend
The ones who will lend a hand
And tell you never give up try again
The ones who give hour long lectures
The ones who punish you, then embrace you in their arms
The ones who call you just to check up on you
The ones who can never be replaced
The ones who are often forgotten
Taken advantage of, and unappreciated
The ones who never leave your side when times are tough
There with you through thick and thin…


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