Break The Chain


Trying to get back up to pace
Nothing is the way it was
And I’m trying to use the present to erase
The past
It is haunting me
It doesn’t last
The peace I wish I had
I don’t understand
Why do I have these problems?
I have had a privileged life
But yet I hold regret and pain inside
I should let it go
But I won’t
And I don’t understand
I hold things closely
I ponder things so deeply
I sense things so strongly
I wish I had a better mind
I would think of better things at night
And insomnia would be one less thing I would have to fight
And I wish I had a better tongue
I would use it better towards everyone
My mouth would pour out positivity
And I would be more of a happy somebody
Pessimism is my character trait
Perhaps it could be my middle name
If I could keep my hopes up high and my head down low
I would be optimistic and avoid the punches that reality throws
Because honestly,
Reality is what makes so me so pessimistic
The truth hurts
And I am brutally honest
I can’t help but see the facts
When that little girl wants so bad to be a princess
Why would I keep feeding that when at some point she will know and be heartbroken
She will wonder why does everyone call me a princess when I am not rich
I do have royal clothes or a palace
Its a hoax sweetheart
And you have been led on to keep believing it
We wonder
why are more and more people depressed
Why are more and more people angry towards life and everyone around them??
Its because the people who are supposed to protect them
Lead them to a ditch and drop them tell them a lie
Hoping to satisfy
Their needs of childhood memories
And happy endings
But then it hits them
In the face
In the heart
Cuts them deep
Until they can’t bleed
I don’t understand why its like this
A circle of the same traits we all pass down to our children
Break the chain!
Start a new trend!
This isn’t some robotic place we live in
Don’t follow the status quo
Be your own
And then the world will be a better place…


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