Why would I walk amongst vipers and scorpions?
Why would I put myself in the position to possible be bitten or stung?
I pass through the fire and break out unscathed
And being planted by the rivers of water
I am delighted in the Father’s eyes
Having the delicious sunlight to fertilize my leaves
I shall not wilt, but grow
And prosperity is promised to my life
What should I gain from oceans I could sail
When the rivers provided are more than enough?
Yes, the oceans are most beautiful,
But they’ve proven to swallow vessels that lose direction.
The light vessels-
Void of the Rock needed to remain steady-
Are blown by the wind into whirlpools of destruction-
They sink.
Unless the crew sees the mistake and has God’s mercy.
The eyes of the Father can pierce the liar’s shell
He sees what truly lies beneath the flesh
Inside the human heart
The Lord knoweth the ungodly
And the Lord knoweth the righteous
The ship you sail
Determines if you’ll prevail
Judgment awaits
Will you be engulfed?
Swallowed by the temptations of the sea?
Will you perish?


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