The Haunting Of Longwood (Part 5)

1 week later…

The week was long and hard. Eve didn’t go a night without crying herself to sleep. She didn’t leave the house. If Lori hadn’t come over every day, Asia may not have had a bath or much of anything. Eve was truly helpless. Eve was in a dystopia. Here it was twelve days after Drew’s death, and Eve somehow got through it. She was about to go to bed when she decided to go check on Asia. She was about to open Asia’s door, but paused, as she noticed a car parked down the street. A black 2008 Honda Accord was parked in front of the foreclosed home. I’ve never seen that car before, she thought. Maybe they are looking at the home… No. Not at 10 o’clock at night. Not this late. They must be at a neighbor’s house. She let roll right off of her. She walked in Asia’s purple room. She and Drew excitedly renovated the room immediately when they found out Eve was pregnant. Asia was playing with her doll and stuffed animals. Asia was truly a beautiful girl. With her rosy, red cheeks and red lips, with dark blue eyes and the long locks of dark brown hair, she definitely took after her mother. “Asia honey, it’s time for bed.” Asia pushed her toys off to the floor and crawled under the sheets. Eve leaned in to kiss her goodnight, plugged in her nightlight and switched off her lamp. “Mommy, where is da da?” Asia said, in a quiet voice. “Daddy is in Heaven sweetie. He is in a very happy place and one day you will too. But we need to go to bed. Tomorrow you are going to Aunt Jodie’s house.”

“Yay!” Asia exclaimed “Goodnight Asia, love you.”

“Good night mommy. Wuv you too.”

Eve played a cassette taped that audibly read the story of ‘Peter Pan’; it only lasted two hours so she put it on replay. Now for my bedtime… For the first time in two weeks Eve went to bed with a calmness and peace that she almost forgot existed.

Odile waited four hours after seeing the lights go out. She slipped out of her car without shutting the door, and silently walked to the house. The house had many windows, but climbing in and out of a window didn’t sound easy; much less with something in your hands…

She walked around to the back door. Luckily the fence wasn’t secured. She watched her every step, being that she couldn’t see anything. Although, Odile could make out a circular object on the ground that appeared to be a Frisbee. But never mind that, she had business to handle. It was very dark and it was a new moon so that didn’t help much. She got to the back door and before she touched the handle, she heard a noise. It sounded like talking. A female voice. Eve’s voice. Odile knew she couldn’t panic. That’s how disaster would happen. Being seen would ruin everything. But if she was seen by Eve, she could just slit her throat right then, and finish her off. Problem solved, right? No. Problem not solved. Eve needed to suffer.

Just like me Odile thought, with a menacing face. Eve’s voice stopped in what sounded like the middle of a sentence. Odile needed to leave. And fast. Odile started to head back the way she came from when a large black cat ran out in front of her, clearly startled. Odile thought she might have left her DNA in the spot she stood in. But luckily her bladder had been emptied a few hours prior and she didn’t drink any fluids, for fear of slowing down her plot. She pushed on, adrenaline now rushing through her veins. She got past the fence and to the front yard and froze. She made eye contact with… Drew? “Oh my God… That can’t be real…” she was flabbergasted at the sight. The seven bullet holes. The bloody police vest. She blinked, thinking she was seeing things. But he didn’t disappear. Instead he started walking towards her. Is he gonna kill me?!? She panicked. She ran faster that she’d run in all her life to her car. But he kept following her, the faster she went the faster he went. She got in her car and without considering the slam of her car door, slammed it shut, and started her car. She put the petal to the metal screeching her tires she was out of there in a flash. She got to the outside of the neighborhood and pulled off to the side of the rode. She was shaking uncontrollably. She looked around paranoid of Drew’s ghost she had just seen, and noticed a small neighborhood park. It had a simple slide, three swings, and few other small features. But what caught Odile’s attention, was the hill next to the playground. She pictured kids rolling down it and getting fire ants all over their bodies…she giggled. I humor myself. I’m so evil…haha. She would’ve laughed more but noticed a familiar sight she had seen not even two minutes ago. Drew’s ghost was back. And coming at her with more speed and power. She started to drive off but not before he reached the car door. She was frozen and horrified, but yet curious… She stopped breathing. He had gone completely through the car. He was now sitting in the passenger seat. She waited for him to speak, but he didn’t. He just pointed to the playground, and appeared to be pleading something. He didn’t make a peep. She couldn’t make out what his dead lips were wording. “I don’t understand you” she impatiently said. She surprised herself with how cold and calloused she was to the man she murdered. But she didn’t care. Obviously Drew wasn’t gonna hurt her, so now that she knew she was fine she wanted to go home and go to bed. The plans that she had had for over a month had been ruined because of Eve being awake. Why was she even up? He motioned to the playground and swung his hands left and right as to say “no” or “don’t”. She didn’t really understand but noticed his transparent figure disappearing. She blinked and he was gone. She didn’t think anything of what he tried to tell her. She left and drove to her house, thinking about going to a warm comfortable bed. Another time Eve, another time…


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