The Haunting Of Longwood (Part 4)

5 Days later…
It was raining and the Eve was on her way to the funeral. Her mother Lori agreed to take Asia for a week or until Eve got back to normal. Of course that wouldn’t happen. Drew was gone. Eve loved him with everything she had. Eve turned the radio on and the beautiful sound of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” danced in the air. Usually she would find it relaxing. But not today.
Not ever. Because her Drew wasn’t there. She began to sob softly, as tears flowed down her face, to her beautiful purple dress. Drew bought the dress on their third anniversary. “It is my favorite” he had said. Her vision blurred and she knew she need to get a hold of herself and be strong. Not only for her, but for Asia. Asia needed someone to be there for her. Eve drove another 15 minutes before pulling into the dinky parking lot of the Bethesda Funeral Home. She checked her makeup and hair, and perfected it. She wanted to look best for her husband’s corpse. She turned away from her reflection on the car window, and began walking to the old, dilapidated, depressing building. By the entrance stood her Aunt Josie and Uncle Steve. They were dressed in all black. Drew hates black, she thought. She smiled as she passed them and she purposed to make no eye contact with anyone for fear of someone talking to her. She didn’t want to talk to anyone. Lori. She saw her mom and little Asia. “Mommy!” Asia yelled rapping her little arms around her mother’s neck. Eve hugged her back. “Hi sweetie.” she faked a smile. Asia didn’t move. She clung to her mother. Eve closed her eyes as the ceremony began. Oh God, help me…


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