Shallow Ending


An ocean of emotion

My openness is closing

For my soul is barely floating

And I’m taking in water

Drowning in sorrow

Thinking of a bitter tomorrow

But my thoughts are causing more suffocating

And the pain is intoxicating

I hoped I would be liberated

But I’m trapped in bondage

I’ve searched for understanding

But I’m trapped in non-sense

Overwhelming non-sense that is like quick sand

If I panic I sink- I need to relax and think

Why am I allowing this to torment me

When I could be thinking positive thoughts to better me?

But instead

The ice-cold sea weed

Creates beautiful calligraphy

Spelling out death for me

There’s no more air

I’m in despair

Cant find help anywhere

Is this the end?

Have I signed my death sentence?

And in my last attempt to understand

My lungs collapse

And I perish.

This poem was a collaboration with one of my good friends over at please!!! Follow him! He has some very inspiring and beautiful stuff. (The italicized words are his)


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