Part 3 The Haunting Of Longwood

Three years later…

“Asia! Come here please!”
Asia was almost three now, and full of energy. She had escaped to the backyard and was running through the piles of crunchy leaves that covered the ground. It was a small fenced in backyard. There was a Maple tree in the center of the yard with a play set to the left corner and a shed to the right corner. The yard was littered with Frisbees and balls as if they owned a dog. But after all the recent dog attacks, Drew and Eve decided they didn’t want one. “Asia!! Where are you?! Come here!”
Knowing that her playtime had come to a halt Asia ran around the tree and hid. But not before Eve saw her. If it wasn’t for the fact that Asia was so cute, Eve would have probably been mad at her disobedience. Eve snuck up to the tree just as Asia popped her head around. They looked at each other for a full two seconds before Asia started to run off, but didn’t get far before Eve grabbed her arm, snatched her, and raised her to the sky. Rrriiiiinnnggg. The phone. Eve ran inside with Asia on her hip and answered. “Hello?”
It was a deep gravelly voice that sent a shiver down her spine. “Hello. Is this Eve Parke?”
“Who is this?” she set Asia in a play pin.
“I am Officer Tracy Willow, and I am calling to… um… inform you that uh… ma’am there has been a… accident.”
Eve was already worrying. Drew was an officer and worked with other officers, of course, but he had never mentioned this “Tracy” figure. She cleared her groggy throat and said “Is everything alright?” His voice sounded shaky this time. “Mrs. Parke, for no apparent reason, your husband has been shot.” The words sliced through her stomach and bound her organs together. “Excuse me?!?” Eve heard what he said but what was she to say? “Is he okay?!?” she exclaimed.
“Ma’am the shots were fired by an unidentified suspect and they were… fatal.” he paused to let it sink in. “He is dead.”
“What?!? Where were his Backup?!?”
“Mrs. they were all there. All five died and before any more help could be called, and the gunman was gone… If there is anythin-“ click. She hung up. She didn’t even notice her daughter wining in the background. Her beloved husband that had sacrificed everything and gave his heart to her was… gone. Or was he? Was this real? Certainly he couldn’t be gone. The daily routine of making Folger Breakfast Blend coffee, ironing Drew’s pants and softly kissing him before he left… She’d forgotten the dangers of a police officer. The habitual pattern replayed in her mind. Did she tell him she loved him this morning before he left? Her head was spinning and she felt uneasy. Yep. She knew it. She rushed to the bathroom flipped the toilet lid and hurled that mornings breakfast into the blue water. Her head started throbbing. Her throat burned as a big ball formed. She noticed her breathing stopped. She began hyperventilating and panicking. Drew was dead.

The neighborhood looked nice. Made up of quaint homes, most with the stereotypical picket fences. The yards were well groomed with green grass and colorful plants. There it was… The small, yellow, cottage style home, that was home to Eve and Drew Parke, well, now it was just Eve. For Drew’s gut had swallowed seven bullets earlier that day. Why seven? Because that’s the number of completion, right? Well, that didn’t matter. What mattered now was what would happen in exactly two weeks. That’s when the torture would began.


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