Part 2 The Haunting Of Longwood (Short Story)

“We will need pink party streamers-”
“No!! Purple, Drew! Not pink!?!”
“Oh! Excuse me, purple streamers.” Drew’s wife, Eve, quickly corrected him before he made the dreadful mistake of directing her mother to get the God forsaken pink streamers. “Okay. That will be fine… Alright, we will see you then… Alright… You too, goodbye Lori.” Drew was getting things ready for the baby shower that had been put off too long. The baby shower was that evening and, the baby was due the next day. Talk about procrastination. “I’m sorry, Drew, I don’t mean to yell, but how many time do I need to tell you I absolutely can’t stand-”
“Pink, I know…” Drew had to interrupt otherwise Eve might have turned another stupid subject into an hour long conversation.
But the silence that followed the interjection quickly made Drew regret cutting her off.
“Sorry honey, I am just a little stressed.” With her hormones constantly off balance, I think I can snap every once in a while! Drew thought.
“It’s okay dear, I understand”
Of course you do!! Drew noticed his hateful thoughts and took a deep breath. “Well, we better get ready to go”, Eve said, changing the subject. “Okay.”

The baby shower wasn’t as big as expected. But everything was purple! Purple balloons, purple presents, purple table cloths, everything was purple. Eve and Drew decided to do the shower at a friend’s neighborhood clubhouse. The building was very generic and plain – A square building with two windows on either side of the only door. But the biggest disappointment was that there was no bathroom. Oh wait, there was an outhouse outside about 50 yards away by the neighborhood park. Oh well, guess the people would have to either enjoy the springtime air or hold their bladder. “Oh my! What a great idea!” Eve said as she unwrapped the gift. It was a wrap mothers used to carry their baby on their front. She opened many gifts but came to an abrupt stop when- “Ahh!!” she screamed. Everyone practically jumped out of their seats. She immediately apologized for her outburst and went back to unwrapping the gifts while talking with the ladies. Throughout the entire shower she had had several contractions, but this most recent one had been such a sharp pain! She was about to open Aunt Josie’s gift when she froze. She looked as though she might faint. The color in her face left her and she looked panicked. Her water broke.

Luckily the hospital was right around the corner. After being rushed to the hospital the baby was born in less than two hours. As Eve lay in the hospital bed, Drew was holding the sleeping beauty. He looked at Eve hoping she was awake. She was. Good.

“So what do you want to name her?” Drew asked. “Amethyst Rosetta. What do you have in mind?” Drew raised an eyebrow.
“Because I love purple and I like the idea of naming a girl after a flower.” she explained. His face didn’t change.
“So what do you want to name her?”
He thought for a minute and said, “Asia.” He paused a moment before continuing. “I don’t know about a middle name, I haven’t really thought on it.”
“Why Asia?” she asked.
“I heard it means pure, and I like it…” he looked at the little baby and smiled. The baby started to move a little. Must be food time. Drew got up and handed the baby girl to Eve.
“How about Asia Rosetta?” Eve said. Drew smiled and gave his wife a soft kiss on her forehead.
“I love it.” So her name was Asia Rosetta Parke.


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