Some people say that you don’t know what you got until its gone
And there is a lot of truth to that
But some people still don’t appreciate things even after they are gone because of their ignorance and unthankfulness
My eyes have been opened to that
I have been that person
But I have learned
When things go missing
It’s your job to find them
And when people grow apart
Someone has to keep that relationship fired up
Some people don’t see the importance of things until a major change takes place
One day a tree is a little sapling
And next thing you know its five years later and that tree has matured much
A lot can happen in five years
And five years is gone and I see the changes around me
I have been distracted by none other than life itself
And forgot to actually pay attention to the things in life that mean the most
I have lost precious time
However, sometimes its not what you lose but what you gain
We gain a lot from rain
Those sheets of rain that come in multiples
Hitting us hard trying to make us fall
They drench us and pound us to the ground
But when the sun comes out
The flowers bloom
And the floods dry up
The result is a beautiful painting

Five years ago I was a child and living the life
I didn’t think of anything stressful
I didn’t think of pressing things in the future
I didn’t notice the prices of everyday things escalate
I didn’t realize that the time I piddled away at every waking moment
Was not going to be brought back
And how I wish I had that relaxed life again
I am still very young
But age is but a number
I just wish I could slow life down and live life to the fullest
I feel like I am unproductive
I know that this is just a phase and it won’t last long…
But I can’t help but think of the expense of time
Time is the most valuable thing in my mind
And with another five years gone
I’m worried about the next five years approaching
Where will I be in five years?
How will I be?
What will I be?
The things around me, will they change?
Change is such a scary thing.
Change can be so depressing, because things of the past and what we look back on,
Is often times all we have to think on
Sometimes those things of the past are all we have to relate to.
It won’t be long, and another five years will be gone…


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