Moving On

Everything you’ve gone through

It’s all behind you

Its past

But no matter how hard you try to let it go

You can’t take it back

If only you knew the time you are wasting

You are blind to the fact that happiness is right in front of your eyes

Right beyond a closed door

But you notice the door is locked

So you don’t even try to find the key to unlock it

The key is moving on

Forgetting what is holding on

But you choose to stay in this cloud

This sink hole is your home now

The light is too far out of your sight

Darkness is what appears to be your only comfort at night

You cry at what things could’ve been

You beg a god to save your heart from further breaking

But this god fails

Prayers seem to go no further than the ceiling

All the wet pillows and wet sleeves

Don’t seem to reach far enough for God to see

All these setbacks

All these panic attacks

All these stones thrown at me left and right

They weigh you down

They lay you out

Flat on the ground

Like a dough ball that’s lost its form

The numbness from pain has left your with no form

No feeling


An empty hole in your heart

A piece is missing

The piece is your past

And you want it back

But it’s too much to ask

Know that all of this is to make you stronger

You may have lost the battles

But you will win the war

And I will provide the sword

I will help you thrust the dagger in the heart of your past

I will help you forget the pain

I will kill the demons that oppress you and haunt you at night

You cannot give up the fight

And am sure you won’t

You are strong

And you know you are

Because like we have heard many a time is

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

And your pain won’t last much longer

Stick it through

Your rest will come soon enough

And when it does

You will be glad you

You never gave up the fight


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