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The Voiceless Heart

Ayeee! My nigga made it, so we all made it!

I have never heard a more ignorant statement

The fact that this social group is so content with being complacent

Only feeding the stereotype in that we’re the lesser of the races

Whatever happened to racing to the finish

Whatever happen to effacing status quos

And being erratic about your goals

Instead of sitting at home on Twitter getting trolled

And phone up an institution

One that’ll help you break the chain

I’m tired of black america having ignorant in its name

Aye, I’m angry all the same, but we can’t shift all the blame

Because not all of it is false

Because I don’t speak white, I’m educated

And I’m not an advocate of races

But our skin color makes the name of the painting

I can’t help how I’ve been painted

But I can change how they interpret

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