Heartbreak From Doubts


Tears stroll down my face
Not from joy
But from pain
I love you and I thought you felt the same
But with her there I know its not just me
I wonder if you like her more than me
Her head rests on yours
You stroke her back as you embrace each other
And here I am again
More than I ever imagine
The pain in my heart pushes aside the fact that we were never truly together
But I have done nothing but dreamt of us being together forever
You were my bright and morning star
My knight in shining armour
The one I sing about
The one I write about
The one I think about nonstop all day long
And I cry because I thought you loved me the same
I know I’m the one to blame
My feelings get ahead of me
Before I know it
I’m broken
With my heart torn on my sleeve
I’ve wondered where you’ve been
I’ve wondered what has kept you busy
And I just push away all my thought and worry
Because how could a relationship last with no trust?
I have to let go and give you that much
But I’m afraid to believe that you love me
Especially after seeing what I saw
But how would you feel if that was me?
Would you ask me if I truly loved you?
If I was being loyal from the start?
Before a commitment was officially made you have already broken my heart.
So where do I go from here?
Do I confront you?
Ask you what’s up?
Do I tell you what I saw
Or just pass that chance up?
Because I want to have trust.
But I don’t want to take a chance of more mental heartache and aguish
Stress and fear
Tears every night when I lay down my head
Thinking about what you are doing constantly
And if you are cheating.
I’m not ready for that.
I can’t handle that.
Its been years of me loving you
And now that its finally happening
You go and do something like this and I regret we started talking.
Forgive me if I’m wrong.
I still love you.
I always have.
And I will continue to love you as long as I live.
Because I can’t just forget
Feelings that have progressed for over five years
No matter how much I may try
They are not going to disappear.
I know this love isn’t mistaken.
Maybe for you it might be
But for me it is more than just a silly feeling.
My heart wrenches as I fear what you might be doing.
Forgetting me
And ignoring me
So you fulfil your lustful cravings
Is it because I didn’t give you that?
I couldn’t provide you that?
Well you didn’t ask.
Maybe honestly is what you lack.


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