I’ve seen a lot in life.
from beautiful sunsets to pain and strife.
I have been hurt.
I have been comforted.
I have been remembered.
I have been forgotten.
I have been loved.
I have been hated.
But most of all I’ve been traded.
traded by one who said they loved me.
fed to the wolves.
he no longer wants me.
I have been given to the devil.
demons have oppressed me for years
and I was convinced they are my only friends I have near
the color I knew had faded all away
no longer rainbows and sunlight
only gloomy and cloudy days
color turned to grey
black and white
and all the shades intertwined
I was incarcerated in depression
and I didn’t know why
I couldn’t move past the fact that my lover left me
I should’ve seen it coming
no one stays
everyone strays
loyalty is a forgotten trait
this world is full of one-night-stays
and I would stay up late
insomnia controlled my body
darkness was becoming my longing
I hated light and all that was there in
it was all to happy for me
being as depressed as I said I am
I was drowning in a pool of despair
a lake of pain
a sea of heartache
an ocean of scorched feelings
calloused had formed from all of the mental beatings
I was numb
I was done
love doesn’t exist i had confirmed
until I met you
until I found you
and you took me in
you held me tight
you gave me hope after I had lost all sight
I believed that love was a fairy tale
it was just another dream that couldn’t be real
and now love is all I feel
I feel high like a cloud
light like a feather
and I’m floating in the air I cant come down now
like a kite in the air you have control of me
you have taken my heart and ran
leading me to the sky
in happiness I now abide
a smile that has yet to leave my face
ever since our meeting place
if you were to ever leave me
I don’t know what I would do
life would not be worth living without you
you make me laugh
and dry my tears when I cry
you are more genuine than I can say
and your spirit lights my way
you make me look forward to another day
If it wasn’t too soon I know what I would say to you
that I love you
and I would die for you
and I would kill for you
and I would go through anything for you
as if you were me
I wish that you are always happy
I know the pain you’ve been through
and I know the scars you have on you
the burdens and pain from your past
you havent let them go
and you wont take them back
but lay them on me
let me take them from you
I will hold your weights so you can be free
all the tears
I will swallow them
all the cuts
I will sew them
all the lies
I will solve them
and all the sicknesses
I will cure them
the color that I had once before in my eyes has returned
I can see truth and love I’ve never seen before
I am no longer grey
and I hope you are here to stay


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